The Walking Dead’s Michonne star shares first-look at spin-off

The Walking Dead’s Michonne star shares first-look at spin-off

February 23, 2023

Dead City: Trailer for The Walking Dead spin-off

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Following the outstanding success of the original The Walking Dead series, which concluded in November 2022, it has been revealed a spin-off is on the way. Fans are psyched-up to see the return of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) after they were given a glimpse into production.

The six part series began filming the week of February 13 and will follow Rick Grimes and Michonne as they hope to reunite with one another.

The show will delve into the love story of two characters who have so-far managed to survive the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

In an Instagram post, Gurira confirmed pre-production was in “full swing” as filming commenced in New Jersey.

The actress wrote: “#Richonne spin-off. 2023. Pre-production is in full swing. We’re getting there!”

Gurira also shared a handful of behind the scenes snaps as she posed for a selfie with co-star Lincoln and producer Scott Gimple. 

Fans fled to the comment section to share their excitement after hearing the news of the so-called Richonne spin-off. 

One fan @Krobinson527 wrote: “IS THIS FOR REAL?!” with another @Gucchiana_ questioning: “WAIT, it’s really happening?????” 

A third @twalkingtr said: “We can’t wait for the series!” with another excited fan @wickedlyemily_ adding: “SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP”.

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Gurira wasn’t the only one to tease fans with some exclusive snaps of production, as the official The Walking Dead Instagram account dropped some pictures too. 

One image shows two chairs with the names “Michonne” and ”Rick” alongside what appears to be Lincoln and Gurira holding hands. 

Under the post @marieta.tatoo commented: “CAN’T WAIT FOR THEIR RETURN,” with @santiagogaynor9 adding: “@thewalkingdead who is excited Mr and Mrs Grimes are back??? This Chico!!! @danaigurira.”

But it appeared fans weren’t happy with there only being six episodes as @Itsabeautifulday2day said: “This can’t come soon enough. We need them in our lives longer than 6 episodes.” 

@seanmurphy_1 echoed: “Next year for only 6 episodes.”

Commenting on the upcoming spin-off chief content officer Scott M. Gimple said: “The series is a romantic saga of the dangerous road to each other.

“And the road they must find with each other, cornered by a new civilization and hordes of the dead.”

Although there is limited information regarding the cast and crew, fans already know that Gimple serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside Lincoln and Gurira who will star in the series.

It’s not the only spin-off in the works as Fear the Walking Dead returns for the eighth and final series on May 14.

Meanwhile, Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will feature in The Walking Dead: Dead City, which is set to premiere this spring.

A Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) spin-off is also on the way later this year.

The Walking Dead is available to catch up on AMC and Disney+ in the UK.

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