The Voice fans find MORE clues Blake Shelton is quitting the show after coach shares cryptic post on 'solid 20 seasons'

The Voice fans find MORE clues Blake Shelton is quitting the show after coach shares cryptic post on 'solid 20 seasons'

May 27, 2021

THE Voice fans find MORE clues that Blake Shelton is quitting the show after the coach shares a cryptic post on "solid 20 seasons."

Blake's contestant, Cam Anthony, took the pice home after winning the competition last night.

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After weeks of speculations, fans continue to believe that Blake, 44, might be leaving The Voice behind to hide out in his Oklahoma ranch as he had previously mentioned in an interview with Hoda Kotb.

Posing alongside Carson Daly, the country singer wrote on Instagram: "A solid 20 seasons with Carson Daly on The Voice!"

NBC's social media account for The Voice quickly commented on the picture, saying: "Stop before we start crying!"

At the same time, Nick Jonas took to social media to say goodbye to The Voice as he quit after two seasons. He is being replaced by Ariana Grande.

However, the Jonas Brother guitarist only posed alongside Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, who are sure to return next season.

The 28-year-old wrote: "Gonna miss hanging out with Kelly and John every week … and Blake too I guess."

Blake mentioning his 20-year run with the show, The Voice's comment on his Instagram, and Nick only saying he would miss hanging out with Kelly and John on the stage had fans wondering if this was it for Blake.

One fan asked in the comment section: "Is Blake leaving The Voice?"

A second one asked: "Is he leaving the show? He can't! It won't be The Voice without Blake."

And a third commented on Nick's post specifically: "The fact that [Blake] isn't in the picture."

About a month ago, Blake first hinted at possibly leaving the singing competition when he talked to Hoda Kotb about his future plans.

"Do you picture yourself in ten years, you and Gwen [Stefani], just out in Oklahoma – not jetting all over the place, do you see yourself living a much simpler life way way down the road?" Hoda asked him.

"I hope that's not too far down the road. Ten years sounds like way too long to me. I'd like to see that sooner rather than later," he told her.

"I mean, we both pretty much have taken it to the limit as far as our careers go and touring and now the television thing, it's been fortunate to accomplish a lot of things that hopefully at some point we'll get to live some life.

"I think we're both ready for that honestly."

He continued to explain that he prefers life out of the spotlight, adding: "The older I get, the more I feel like I'm starting to turn into a little bit of a hermit. Just passing things, except interviews with you, Hoda."

Following the interview, many fans of the show took to social media to express their distress at the thought of Blake leaving the show.

One person wrote: "The Voice is unquestionably the best competition show. When Adam Levine left the show, I mourned; but if Blake Shelton leaves, I'll stop watching. HE is The Voice!"

A second one commented: "Blake Shelton is the best thing that ever happen on The Voice, wouldn't watch it if he leaves."

And a third one shared: "Please don't leave The Voice, Blake! It would be boring without you! You make the show!"

If Blake decided to leave, he would be following in the footsteps of his fiance, who left a few seasons ago as well.

Most recently, he admitted he is taking no part in the wedding planning as he is "classless."

"If I was picking our meal, it would just literally be everything fried," he joked. "French fries, chicken tenders, you know, all of that stuff.

"I think [Gwen] knows it would be a pretty classless wedding if I was in control. I want her to do all of that stuff because it's going to be great."

The star detailed how his future wife had been "mindful" in the process to not totally take over, despite admitting she was having "a blast" planning it.

Last year, the country singer proposed at his ranch in Oklahoma, where the couple spent the majority of the coronavirus lockdown period together.

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