The View fans blast hosts as ‘hypocritical’ after spotting 'upsetting' detail during cast’s luxury Bahamas trip for show | The Sun

The View fans blast hosts as ‘hypocritical’ after spotting 'upsetting' detail during cast’s luxury Bahamas trip for show | The Sun

July 4, 2022

THE View fans have blasted the hosts as “hypocritical” after noticing an upsetting detail from their luxury Bahamas trip for the talk show.

The cast has spent a week on the work vacation, which was meant as a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the daytime program.

Viewers were shocked by the location of where hosts Whoopi Goldberg,Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and guest host Ana Navarro went for their working vacation, especially due to the timing.

As the hosts have shared their views on Roe v. Wade being overturned, many fans were surprised to see them all in the Bahamas, where abortions are illegal.

The View hosts were slammed as “hypocritical” for discussing the latest in the United States over abortions, when they’re vacationing in a country where it’s prohibited.

One angered fan wrote on Instagram: “You do know that abortion is illegal in the Bahamas. Great way to protest. 

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“Please keep being one of the worst shows in the history of day time television.

Another upset social media user said: “I find it very hypocritical of the show The View to do a show against the Supreme Court ruling in the Bahamas where it is illegal to get an abortion.”

A third called it a “tone-deaf embarrassment.”

Aside from the specific location of where the hosts went on vacation, fans had already furious about the trip, in general, ever since it was revealed in May.

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When The View teased an “epic announcement” at the end of one of its broadcast, fans were excited to see what it could be.

They figured it would be either a new permanent host or a massive giveaway for the show’s dedicated viewers.

Instead, it was to tell the audience that the hosts would be getting a luxury beach getaway.

On social media, fans blasted The View for teasing them and for flaunting the hosts’ vacation in their faces.

One upset Twitter user wrote: “For their big announcement, the View announced that they're going to the Bahamas. 

“They know all of us can't go, but we can go to their site for information on tickets…… meanwhile I'll be here, working from home while they enjoy their paid vacation.”

They added sarcastically: “Yay for everyone.”

The frustration didn't fade once the Bahamas-set episodes began airing earlier this week, either.

Instead, it was only fueled after fans though host Whoopi Goldberg made an "out of touch" comment about the trip.

Viewers blasted the moderator for claiming the cast’s Bahamas trip allowed viewers to live vicariously through them.

“Definitely thought that was a bit cringe and out of touch,” one user wrote on social media. 

They added: “I don’t think they have to feel bad about sharing their stories having fun but trying to frame it as being inspirational/helpful for others rubbed me the wrong way.”

Fans only got even more upset when they found out this past Friday's episode was a repeat, which means the hosts only gave them four new episodes that week instead of five.

As the cast was supposedly in the Bahamas on a work trip, viewers didn't understand why the hosts couldn't film a whole week's worth of episodes while there.

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One upset fan tweeted: “Literally all the money in the world and they couldn’t get 5 days of shows out of that trip to the Bahamas."

A second blasted the show, writing: “Ya’ll are in a paradise, and you couldn't give us 1 more day?”

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