The Masked Singer fans slam judges after eliminating Omarion as Yeti and argue singer got 'robbed'

The Masked Singer fans slam judges after eliminating Omarion as Yeti and argue singer got 'robbed'

May 20, 2021

THE Masked Singer fans slammed the judges after they eliminated Omarion as the Yeti and argued that the singer got "robbed."

The contestant's elimination means that the Black Swan, Chameleon and Piglet will compete in next week's finale.

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During the latest episode of The Masked Singer, the top four took the stage to give memorable performances.

Despite getting the judges off of their feet for his performance of Kool & the Gang's Celebration, the Yeti earned the least amount of votes and was eliminated.

Before he was unmasked, the judges each took turns guessing who the singer behind the mask was.

Ken Jeong guessed he was Justin Bieber, while Nicole Scherzinger said he was Mario.

Meanwhile, Robin Thicke guessed the contestant was Omarion and Jenny McCarthy said she thought he was Ne-Yo.

Guest judge Darius Rucker guessed he was Crisco.

Following the unmasking, host Nick Cannon asked the contestant why he chose to participate on The Masked Singer.

He answered: "This is a new challenge.

"This was an amazing experience that I had so much fun in every single week.

"This was an amazing opportunity and I’ll see you all again!”

Following the 36-year-old's elimination, fans took to Twitter to slam the judges to kicking the singer off the show.

One viewer wrote: "The yeti (Omarion) was robbed."

Another added: "I’m throwing hands! Yeti deserved better!"


The backlash continued when someone else wrote: "@Omarion deserved better! He has a fantastic voice and was so much fun to watch each performance. Definitely should have been #yetimask, #blackswanmask and #PigletMask in the finals. Another week, another wrong elimination."

A following fan added: "Come on. @Omarion was ROBBED. I know it, you know it, everyone at @MaskedSingerFOX freaking knows it."

Others slammed the judges for not knowing Omarion was the singer behind the mask, as one viewer said: "The yeti is definitely Omarion I do not know how the judges can’t hear his voice."

Another tweeted at Nicole, writing: "It's Omarion all y'all have the guess wrong. I know his voice . The three guesses the panelists guess are so way off base."

An additional view wrote: "Watching the new masked singer….how do they not know chameleon is Wiz & the Yeti is Omarion? They gotta be baiting for views lmao. They have the most distinct voices on the show."

The identity of the man in the chicken suit- known as Cluck-a-Doodle Doo- was also revealed during the latest episode of The Masked Singer.

Following a choreographed performance, the judges took turns guessing who the trickster was.

After he was unmasked as Donnie Wahlberg, Ken and Darius guessed he was Kevin James.

Meanwhile, Robin and Jamie guessed he was Jamie Foxx.

Jenny, who is married to Donnie, said it was Akon due to his "tone."

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