The Great leaves viewers DISGUSTED with revolting eye-gouging scene as fans claim episode should come with warning

The Great leaves viewers DISGUSTED with revolting eye-gouging scene as fans claim episode should come with warning

January 12, 2021

THE Great viewers were left squirming in disgust as Peter, Emperor of Russia gave guests the sickening task of gouging eyes out of the heads of corpses.

The not-so-typical dinner party activity, aired on the latest episode of the Channel 4 show, left some viewers sick to their stomach and demanding a disclaimer.


Even Catherine the Great got stuck into the gruesome task and was seen pulling the eyes out of a decapitated Swedish warrior – a task she juggled while eating her dinner.

The scenes left some fans of the satirical retelling of how Catherine the Great rose to rule Russia in the 18th Century rushing to Twitter as a distraction.

One The Great viewer posted: "I can’t decide whether that eye poking scene was comically disturbing or disturbingly comical – either way it was extremely gory."

Another then urged: "Can broadcasters include a specific warning for eye gouging maybe?!"

The series, which has become a hit for the broadcaster, is more renowned for sexy scenes rather than disgusting challenges.

It is jam-packed with sauciness and nudity and shows Emperor Peter, played by Nicholas Hoult, bonking his way through a palace of courtesans.

The hugely racy plotline also features Elle Fanning, as Catherine the Great.

She marries Peter and then sets about trying to outwit her sex-mad husband.

Speaking about filming raunchy scenes with her co-star – which include Emperor Peter strolling through the Great Hall stark naked – Elle previously told EW: "Sex is also a real big part of the real Catherine the Great's life. She was notoriously kind of beyond her time in that way.

"She was very open and free and loved sex. I think we both like to challenge ourselves, Nick and I, and we're trying to push each other's buttons and he's trying to make me laugh and trying to go there.

"So I think it really helps those scenes. But especially the scene where [they have to] count his thrusts to 100, that scene, we were dying.

"There's a real wide shot where we had to kind of go through the motions because we're way in the background and the other characters are talking. And it was hard. We were just crying with laughter.”


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