The Drowning: Which scene did Jonas Armstrong find hardest to film? Star opens up

The Drowning: Which scene did Jonas Armstrong find hardest to film? Star opens up

February 2, 2021

The Drowning: Jonas Armstrong discusses ‘moaning’ on set

The Drowning has just started airing on Channel 5 and the series stars Jill Halfpenny as mother Jodie. Jodie lost her son Tom nine years before the series is set and it was presumed he had drowned. Jonas Armstrong plays Jodie’s brother Jason and he is the only support she has following the ordeal. Armstrong spoke exclusively to about his hardest scene.

Which scene did Jonas Armstrong find hardest to film?

The Drowning made its debut on Monday, February 1 and the thriller will continue to air until Thursday night.

The miniseries follows Jodie as she spots a schoolboy who resembles the son she lost all those years ago.

Jodie then makes it her mission to follow the boy and become a part of his life, and she goes to absurd lengths to do so.

In the first episode, she takes up a teaching post at Daniel’s (Cody Molko) school and even visits his family home.

Jason was also introduced as Jodie’s brother and the favourite sibling in the family.

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In one of the episodes Jason has a discussion with young Daniel and it triggered a childhood memory for Armstrong.

Although the series is not inspired by real events, he said the idea of a young child disappearing in such tragic circumstances is very much a real experience for some families.

He recalled a moment from when he was a young boy, waiting at a bus stop on his way home from visiting a friend.

He said: “There is one particular scene with Cody. I remember when I was younger I was waiting at a bus stop and two guys kept on pulling around and trying to gesture me over.

“I thought nothing of it, this was in Blackpool and I was about nine years old when it was okay for kids to get on buses and things.

“This lady was with me and she said, ‘Excuse me young man, are you by yourself?’

“I said, ‘Yes, just by myself, I have just been to see a friend and I’m going home now’. This was a normal thing, and this woman went across the road and used a public telephone and called the police.

“I’m not saying that these men would have been doing anything, but children do get abducted and there was one incidence where I was filming with Cody and I just thought about that.

“I thought it’s a really harrowing, horrible thing to have happened and it might have happened to some people watching it.

“It’s genuinely upsetting, who knows what could have happened?”

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Armstrong stressed how nothing happened to him at the bus stop that day, but the memory was disturbing all the same.

In The Drowning, Jodie followed Daniel from the bus to his school and she even went as far as applying for a music teacher post in order to get close to him.

At the end of the first episode, she ended up visiting Daniel’s home and speaking to his father Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones).

Jodie believes Mark may have taken Daniel, who she believes is Tom, after he went missing at the lake.

Her spiraling sanity after spotting Daniel in the street was enough to disturb viewers.

Armstrong praised Halfpenny for her portrayal of a mother who is still stricken with grief after so many years.

She is holding onto whatever hope can find that her son is still alive and in her mind, she is doing no wrong.

Fans have already taken to Twitter to discuss the gripping series, with one saying: “#thedrowning episode one was dark, broody, intriguing and [addictive]. So glad episode two is tonight!”

Another said: “#TheDrowning How brilliant was the first episode Clapping hands sign So excited to see how this pans out! So happy to see the brilliant @halfpennyjill.”

Armstrong will continue to feature in the remaining episodes as he has a dark secret of his own that is yet to be discovered.

The Drowning airs until Thursday on Channel 5

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