The Crown: What’s the real reason President Johnson didn’t go to Churchill’s funeral?

The Crown: What’s the real reason President Johnson didn’t go to Churchill’s funeral?

November 19, 2019

Season three of The Crown starring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II is now available to watch on Netflix. In the second episode of the latest season, former Prime Minister Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow) dies and the whole country is in mourning. But what is the real reason behind the President of the United States not attending his funeral?

What’s the real reason President Johnson didn’t go to Churchill’s funeral?

In the second episode of The Crown, we see the Queen visit a bedbound Churchill at his home.
Not too long after, she receives a call saying he had died at the age of 90.
Herself, along with many other officials both from the UK and abroad, are seen attending the state funeral.
However, President Johnson (Clancy Brown) wasn’t there to pay his respects – and there’s a reason why.


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The day before Churchill died, President Johnson had been taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital with respiratory problems.
After returning to the White House, he told the media his doctors had said he was not allowed to fly to London due to his health.
Instead, Chief Justice Earl Warren was sent in his place to pay his condolences.
The Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who had been sworn in along with Johnson that week, was also not in attendance.
But in the episode, we did see his relationship with one particular royal strengthen.

While Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) and her husband Lord Snowdon (Ben Daniels) are visiting America, the Queen instructs the couple they have attend a dinner with the President in a bid to try and smooth over US-UK relations.

They were also tasked with trying to get a huge bailout from the President to help with the economy.

Although reluctant to go as the pair were planning on going to New York to promote Lord Snowdon’s new book, they do agree to attend.
In the end, this dinner party turned out to be one for the history books.


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From singing inappropriate limericks and dancing to drinking contests and making fun of past President JFK, The Crown showed the royal couple having a wild night with the President and the First Lady.
When Prime Minister Harold Wilson (Jason Watkins) tells the Queen what happened, she isn’t happy.
However, on hearing it was actually a success and Princess Margaret got the money needed, the Queen seems even less impressed.
Actress Carter went to great lengths to ensure she embodied Princess Margaret.


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Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, she said: “I did meet a psychic, who’s a friend of mine, and I was seeing her.
“She does healing. She does other things, but she also has a talent for mediumship and as I was seeing her for something else, she said, ‘Oh, Margaret is here. Does that mean anything?’ and I said, ‘Yes, it does.’”
At the time, Bonham Carter had been asked to play the role, but was yet to accept.
But will we see more of President Johnson and his new found friendship with Princess Margaret?

The Crown season 3 is available to watch on Netflix. 

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