The Chase's Bradley Walsh in hysterics as he fails to get the Royals Family's names right

The Chase's Bradley Walsh in hysterics as he fails to get the Royals Family's names right

December 30, 2020

THE Chase fans and the host himself were in 'tears of laughter' as Bradley Walsh struggled to get the Royal grandchildren's names right.

Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha was The Chaser up tonight and was facing off against Lucy from Hythe.

The third question asked, "The Queen has how many grandchildren?", with the three answer options being, three, five or seven.

Lucy chose five as Bradley tried to remember the names of the Royal great-grandchildren.

"Charlotte, George… Zara and Mike have got a child, so that's three," the host started rattling off before revealing the correct answer to be, five.

Lucy breathed a sigh of relief as Bradley tried to remember who the other children were.

"Edward has two children," he said before Paul cut him off to say, Edward's children would be the Queen's grandchildren, not great-grandchildren.

Bradley then held up his fingers to try and remember the Queen's children, "Charlie, Andrew Edward… John, Paul, George and Ringo," he joked as the audience laughed.

"[sic] Charlie's boys are Wills and Harry, Andrew's boys are Beatrice and Eunice," but he could not keep a straight face when Paul cut in to offer up "Darren and Tracey" as name options.

The Chase viewers found his attempts to remember the Royal Family hilarious but hoped The Queen hadn't tuned in.

One Twitter user wrote: "Shocked that Bradley doesn't know the Queen's children!"

And another added: "I hope The Queen isn’t watching this."

Wednesday's episode had already kicked off to a hilarious start after contestant Lucy was so nervous she forgot her own four children's names.

Bradley asked her about her life before she faced off against Paul and she mentioned she was mum to four kids.

But when he asked her to name them, it took her a few attempts to get all the names out.

"I have Jennifer, I think… Alfie, it's terrible I can't remember, they're going to kill me," Lucy admitted, before saying "I'm so nervous".

Paul found it hilarious and ribbed her gaffe saying, "I like anybody who knows more about the Lancashire County Cricket Club than do their own kids' names."


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