The Chase’s Anne Hegerty’s mum feared she’d become ‘snob’ over family confession

The Chase’s Anne Hegerty’s mum feared she’d become ‘snob’ over family confession

April 2, 2022

The Chase's Anne Hegerty has revealed that her mum wanted to keep her family history from her – despite Anne spending many years of her life filled with curiosity.

Anne, who is taking part in ITV's DNA Journey alongside co-star Shaun Wallace, found out she has some kind of connection to royalty – something which her mum did not want her to know.

The quizzer had never explored her mother's side of the family as she was growing up, confessing that her mum always steered her away from it – but on the new show she found out the truth.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag, Anne said there were "mysteries" she wanted to figure out.

She confessed she didn't know much about her family, and those which she did not some things about, she wanted to hear more details.

Anne said that her mum had always convinced her out of finding out information on her family tree, with Anne saying: "I think it was because on my mother's mother's side there's quite a bit of posh and my mum thought I'd grow up to be a terrible snob!"

The star joked: "But I've already grown up to be a terrible snob, so really there's nothing to hide."

Anne has said that her mother is currently suffering with dementia so is unable to appreciate her findings, but she said that she and her brother will be watching it at home with her.

While it seems there could be much more to Anne's secret life, she said she'll hold off on divulging all the details until the show airs – and she's very excited about it.

Shaun and Anne will both be appearing on the show as they find out the intimate details about their family history – and there will be some shockers along the way.

Shaun is yet to tease any information he may have found from starring on the show, keeping his cards very close to his chest.

The pair went on the show together after working on ITV's The Chase for many years as two of the top quizzers.

Shaun Wallace is one of the original chasers, joining the show in 2009, but it wasn't long before Anne Hegerty joined the team in 2010.

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