The Chase fans horrified after contestant reveals VERY bizarre reason she wants to win the prize money

The Chase fans horrified after contestant reveals VERY bizarre reason she wants to win the prize money

January 18, 2022

THE Chase fans were left horrified after a contestant revealed that she was waiting for her cat to die so she could buy a dog.

ITV presenter Bradley Walsh, 61, was joined by four more hopefuls including contestant Ramisa, 25 from London.

The local council officer admitted that she was a big dog lover and wanted to use the money to buy a pooch.

The pet enthusiast explained that she was "waiting for her cat to die" so she could invest her time in a new pet.

She said: "I like dogs a lot, I spend a lot of my time researching dogs, watching dogs, playing with dogs.

"I even downloaded this app to dog sit, calling myself the dog whisperer. Unfortunately no one hired me, I don't know if it was because they were a bit freaked out."

Presenter Bradley Walsh, 61, then asked her if she wanted to open her own kennels but she explained that she just had her heart set on buying her first dog.

She continued: "Right now I have a cat and she's a bit cranky – so I'd like to buy a dog in the future."

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Bradley then asked if she wanted a dog in the near future, with the contestant responding: "Well it depends if she dies first."

A gobsmacked Bradley replied : "So the cats got to peg it before you get a cat?" With the contestant laughing and saying: "Exactly."

The player then told the host that if her cat was still alive then she would use the prize money for a deposit on a house, which would have a special room for her cat on the opposite side, so the feline was kept far away from her dog.

"I'd like to put a deposit down on a house where either my cat is dead and I can get a dog or she has a separate bedroom far far away," she added.

The contestant's confessions left fans open-mouthed, with one writing: "Nah this girl going on about waiting for her cat to die. #TheChase"

Another posted: "This horrid woman really wants her poor cat to die. #TheChase"

A third shared: "I appreciate that she's looking forward to the death of her cat. #TheChase"

One angry fan commented: "She needs to lose, the cat hater. #TheChase"

"I think this girl wants her cat to die a bit too much. #TheChase," another penned.

Another asked: "Does Rasmisa need to be reported to the RSPCA after that intro on #TheChase."

"TheChase What the hell is wrong with this woman on The Chase, actively saying she wants her cat to die?," one tweeted.

The contestant managed to answer three questions correctly in the cashbuilder round.

After banking £3,000 her fellow contestants suggested she could go for the higher offer from Sean Wallace.

But she wasn't tempted to risk it all for but plumped for the £3,000 she had earned and managed to make it back to the final chase.

Ramisa was joined by Robin, 53, a patent attorney from Oxford, Marie, 62, a supply teacher from Somerset and Mike, 35, a bar manager.

All four members of the team made it back to the final chase with a total prize pot of £10,000.

With 19 spaces to catch the players, Sean had his work cut out.

But despite executing one push back, the team were caught out by the quizmaster with 10 seconds to spare.

The Chase is on weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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