The Cabins viewers horrified as Terelle cooks dinner for one – leaving Amani to make her own food

The Cabins viewers horrified as Terelle cooks dinner for one – leaving Amani to make her own food

January 13, 2021

THE Cabins viewers were left in utter disbelief after Terelle continued to leave Amani hanging, even cooking himself dinner.

Hunky Terelle vowed there will be no on-screen nookie on the show dubbed the new Winter Love Island where couples have 24 hours to find love, but fans think he's ignoring Amani.

The good looking couple spent their second day in Stag's Mount after Amani slept on the sofa because she did not want to share the bed with Terelle.

Their awkward interactions left Amani confused, saying she could not read Terelle so they jumped into the hot tub to try and get to know each other better.

They have some very forced banter in the tub, with Amani then later asking her friend, “How do I hint I want him to kiss me? He makes me a bit nervous!”

Amani admitted she was scared to make the first move in case he rejected her: “I don’t know how he’s going to answer.”

After chatting to her mate, Amani comes downstairs to find Terelle busy in the kitchen, but it turned out he was making dinner for one.

A very shocked Amani texted her friend in complete disbelief and after she's finished making her own dinner, she suggested they sit together on the sofa to eat.

But Terelle left her hanging and went to sit at the table alone.

When Amani tried to "PR" him by asking interesting questions to get the conversation flowing, Terelle just gave her one words answers.

A clearly frustrated Amani just sat with her head in her hands as The Cabins viewers could not believe their eyes.

One Twitter user wrote: "I thought I had seen it all until tonight. Tyrell how tf would you make dinner for yourself? You might as well have told her to ef off!!"

Another added: "What tf is wrong with Tyrelle? making himself dinner and giving zero effort."

And a third said: "SHOVE THIS GUY IN THE BIN PLEASE !! About he is making his own dinner aahhh"

After their awkward dinner they played some indoor bowling where Terelle got over-competetive before calling it a night.

Amani decided to sleep in the bed with Terelle and they talked about the state of their relationship.

"I feel like you’ve got some habits that are solo. I feel like you’re quite used to doing things as a one,” she told him.

Terelle asked: “Do you get more of a friendship vibe?”

Amani said: “Honestly, I don’t know what vibe you give off. I can’t read you and it’s killing me. I’m very good at reading people!”

He admitted he only saw her as a friend with many labelling him as "toxic" and "manipulative"

"Ignores Amani constantly then tells her she hasn’t been flirting enough? Get f***ed," wrote one Twitter user.

The pair decided not to stay another day in the cabin with Terelle suggesting they would remain good friends.

"I don't know about that," Amani promptly shut him down amid cheers from Twitter.

The Cabins continues on Wednesday, January 13 at 9pm on ITV2.

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