‘The Bachelor’ Star Hannah Godwin’s Nice-Girl Persona Could Backfire

‘The Bachelor’ Star Hannah Godwin’s Nice-Girl Persona Could Backfire

January 14, 2019

The Bachelor star Hannah Godwin‘s nice-girl persona could backfire on the First Impression Rose winner as Season 23 of the hit ABC reality dating series rolls on.

In a recent post on her blog, Godwin talked about her journey into the world of fashion and beauty.

“I was never destined to be a “model,” she wrote.

“I had braces until like 10th grade, darker hair, zero clueless about makeup, and had only participated in MySpace photoshoots with my friends (thank God many of those deleted along with my MySpace).”

Godwin continued, “But really, any of my peers from High School are probably as shocked as I am that I do modeling now… I’m so thankful for the years where I blended in WAY more than I stood out, that’s really the key to growing who I was. Although I’m SO grateful that some clients like my face for jobs now, honestly having years to grow your personality and how you treat people are even more rewarding.”

The Bachelor star then noted that she believes she is successful in her career because of “the way she treats people.”

Godwin noted, “I’m not into all of that ‘fake/too good for something’ kinda attitude. Not my ish.”

“What I learned? Be humble, sit down… as the notorious Kendrick Lamar once stated. But seriously, being nice & easy to work with is simple, plus it grows relationships & makes things so much more fun for EVERYBODY!” she explained.

But is this sticky-sweet persona too much for Bachelor fans to take? Will it backfire on the beauty?

Fans think her fangs will eventually come out as the season wears on, particularly in her longtime rivalry with Hannah Brown.

Reality Steve reported that Godwin and Brown know each other outside of the show. He speculated that ABC cast the friends to stir things up in the Bachelor mansion.

Brown is the reigning Miss Alabama 2018 — and competed in the same pageant as Colton’s other beauty-queen contestant, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who was crowned Miss North Carolina 2018.

Since Brown and Miller-Keyes knew each other before the show — and were in a competitive environment — Bachelor host Chris Harrison has teased these two will have an interesting run-in, and that drama may erupt.

Time will tell if there will indeed be some drama stirred up between the two Hannahs, as well as with Miller-Keys, as the season wears on.

The Bachelor Season 23, where contestants compete to win the heart of current bachelor Colton Underwood, airs Mondays on ABC.

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