‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Here’s Where the Franchise Could Go Next

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Here’s Where the Franchise Could Go Next

February 19, 2022

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Netflix’s new installment to the long-running horror movie franchise. Leatherface is making a big, gory return to slaughter a new crew of unsuspecting young adults. However, it also sees the return of Sally from Tobe Hooper’s classic. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre post-credits scene teases a few potential directions for the franchise to head into.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.]

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s classic

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre timelines are all over the place. As a result, some fans may have some difficulty figuring out where the new installment fits into the story’s grand scheme. However, Netflix’s installment cuts through all of the convoluted stories and ignores all of the sequels, prequels, and remakes. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel to Hooper’s 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Melody (Sarah Yarkin) and her younger sister, Lila (Elsie Fisher) head into a remote Texas town with their friends named Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson). However, this adventure is for business, rather than pleasure. They ultimately run into Leatherface after nearly 50 years of hiding and will have to fight for their lives.

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ post-credits scene returns home

Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a post-credits scene at the end that will delight longtime franchise fans. Leatherface killed all of the film’s young adults, except for Lila, who narrowly escaped with her life. Sally (Olwen Fouéré) was another causality along the way. Leatherface has no reason to stick around in the remote Texan town that he stayed in for so many years.

It’s evident that Leatherface cared for Mrs. Mc (Alice Krige). She ran the orphanage in the remote Texan town and clearly took care of Leatherface. She also held back his rage, essentially saving any neighbors from his carnage. However, he unleashed the beast within after her death.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre post-credits sequence finds Leatherface walking down a dirt road, holding his chainsaw. He’s walking toward the house found in the 1974 original. Leatherface continues to approach the property, as the screen goes to black.

The franchise leaves the door wide open

It’s clear that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is leaving the possibility for more sequels. Sally and the young adults injured Leatherface, but he’s still up and walking around. Now, he returned back home. Who’s living in the infamous house? Are there any more surviving members of the Sawyer family? Perhaps a new family is living there now and they will have to fight to save their home.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Netflix’s installment displays that Leatherface doesn’t do very well living alone. He enjoys having some sort of company. Perhaps he will fill that hole with additional carnage, as he continues to decorate his home with the bodies of animals and humans. After all, it’s clear that the franchise doesn’t mind his old age.

The horror franchise loves to jump around throughout its continuity. It’s even possible that the film could explore any of the time in between the 1973 massacre and the events that took place in the modern-day.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a bumpy road throughout its production. The theatrical release plans ultimately went straight to Netflix as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, this is a potential opportunity to further expand on Leatherface’s carnage

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now playing exclusively on Netflix.

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