Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David slammed as 'delusional' as he charges fans $100 for a personal video on Cameo

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David slammed as 'delusional' as he charges fans $100 for a personal video on Cameo

April 24, 2021

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason has been slammed as "delusional" as he revealed he is charging fans $100 for a personal video on Cameo.

This comes just a day after the former TV star was ripped for appearing to mock the Asian community.

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David, 32, took to Instagram to share a short clip in which he informed fans that they can now receive personal messages for him

He said: "Some of y'all might know me as Jenelle Evans' husband or that really handsome guy with the nice mullet and the perfect beard, but look, you guys know I'm country, y'all know I cook. Y'all know we got a perfect relationship.

"If you need advice on anything like that, holler at me. You want a shoutout, happy birthday, happy anniversary, whatever it is, just holler at me. I got you!"

He then captioned the video: "I'm back on cameo yall."

The controversial ex MTV star is indeed on Cameo, however, a quick look at his profile page will reveal he is charging $99.99 for a personal video.

Fans were not feeling it at all as they took to the comments section to respond.

One person wrote: "Ha. Delusional much!" while another added, "Perfect relationship 😂 -now that’s funny!"

A third chimed in: "I would never get one from anyone but 100 dollar cameos lmao," although, David would clap back and claim, "Well I've done 15 so far so keep 'laughing your ass off.'"

David also responded to another person who wrote, "why would anyone want this," as the father of three hit back: "To stick it up where the sun don't shine. Just how you like it."

This is of course not the first time that David has been ripped for some of his social media actions, as he was previously called out for "mocking" the Asian community in a TikTok video.

In the video, David can be seen making himself a hot dog and bacon sandwich with kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish.

He appears to impersonate an Asian person while giving a step-by-step guide to making his "Korean hot dog."

Viewers were quick to slam him, as one wrote: "What an ignorant tool. Ugh," while a second commented that the video was "distasteful."

Jenelle, 29, has also found herself in a social media war with a business owner after the head of Rock and Leather Bags received backlash for letting the ex reality star promote her products.

The business owner, Erika Newman, exclusively told The Sun that while she did get sales from the post that Jenelle posted about the bag, she also “got many messages from people stating they loved what we were about, but wouldn’t purchase from us because we were associated with her.”

Erika added she understood why Jenelle refused to return the bag, as it was sent to her as a gift.

During their social media war, Jenelle claimed the company wanted her to return the bag because she refused to be friends with Erika.

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