Teen Mom Briana DeJesus admits she's taking some 'needed time away' from social media to focus on 'her girls'

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus admits she's taking some 'needed time away' from social media to focus on 'her girls'

May 3, 2021

TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus admitted she's taking some "needed time away" from social media to focus on "her girls."

The 26-year-old shared her plans in a new Instagram Story post on Sunday.

The Teen Mom 2 star wrote in a colorful text post: "Hey guys, I know I've been a little Mia on social media but I'm taking some well needed time away focusing on my girls and relationship."

Briana continued: "I love y'all and I am so grateful for all the support!"

The MTV star concluded the post by reminding her fans to "mark ur calendars" for the new season of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday.

After she shared a clip from the upcoming season, she wrote in another slide: "I hope you guys enjoy this season! I love you guys and I'll be back soon."

The TV personality has been open about her difficulties with both baby daddies, especially with Devoin, over their co-parenting duties.

She previously said both Devoin and Luis weren’t doing enough to support her and the kids, physically or financially, while she also shared that she’s stopped trying to change her exes.

“As of now, I’m doing me,” Briana said of her current relationships with them. “I don’t complain and let their dads do what they think they need to do as far as parenting.”

The reality star continued: “So far it’s been drama free. I don’t care anymore, letting my girls find out for themselves as they get older.”

Briana- who has an active OnlyFans account- added that she is really “grateful” that Devoin “accepts Stella and shows Stella the same affection as he does with Nova.”

The mom of two has never held back from publicly slamming her exes when it comes tor raising her daughters.

Back in February, Briana claimed Devoin doesn’t help her financially and of only contributing the “bare minimum.”

She tweeted at the time: "All I was asking was for 250 a month each for their kid so I can use it towards gymnastics bill and daycare.

"I haven’t asked for anything else."

A source exclusively told The Sun that Devoin pays for half of Nova's bills, despite Briana's claims that he "doesn't pay enough attention" to his daughter.

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