Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap: Bodies Drop in the Final Showdown With Abbot — Who Didn't Survive?

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Finale Recap: Bodies Drop in the Final Showdown With Abbot — Who Didn't Survive?

April 30, 2023

In a show geared toward children, that finale sure had a lot of death, didn’t it?

In the Season 2 closer of Sweet Tooth, Jepperd, Gus and Aimee are tired of running. The trio decides to lure General Abbot and his men to Pubba’s house for one last fight to end his reign of terror once and for all. But let’s recap all of the action from the very top.

With the Animal Army now slaughtered by Abbot’s men, Johnny’s had enough of his brother’s villainous ways. He packs up his stuff and attempts to make a run for it, until Abbot cuts him off. Once again, Johnny is too cowardly to stand up for himself (and the hybrids, too).

While Aimee and Big Man plan their next move, Gus tells them he wants to stay and defend his home. But Big Man says he has to do what they tell him. “When have I ever not listened to you?” Sweet Tooth asks. “Literally, every time,” Jepperd responds with a smile. (He’s got ya there, kid.)

Aimee tells Bear it’s her turn to watch over the hybrids since she has such little time left. Wendy is having a hard time even thinking about parting ways with her foster mom. As the rest of the kids prep to leave, Gus gifts Dog to Wendy to take on her travels, and with that, the hybrid kids make a run for it with Becky as their protector.

Gus, Jepp and Aimee set up shop and make a battle plan. Then, they light a fire to lure the bad guys in. Before Abbot and his gang step foot in the woods, Johnny pulls a gun on his brother. He orders him to let the kids go. “It’s over and everyone can see it but you,” he barks. Abbot gives a monologue about winning and other related bad-guy nonsense, but when Johnny pulls the trigger, the chamber is empty. Abbot hugs him and says if he wants to go, he can go. And just a couple moments after admonishing Johnny for pulling a gun on him behind his back, that’s exactly what Abbot does: He shoots and kills his brother as Johnny turns to walk away. Total weaksauce move, Abbot.

As the Last Men enter the woods, Jepp, Aimee and Gus start taking them out one by one with a Home Alone-worthy barrage of booby traps and weapons. While the hybrids take a gondola to safety with the help of some allies, Wendy wants to go back and fight. Bear says she can’t, but we all know where this is heading. Wendy gets in the gondola, but then pulls a fast one and jumps out at the last second.

Abbot and Jepp finally come face to face, and when they realize both of them are unarmed, Jepp starts bashing the general in the face. Abbot tells him that saving the kids won’t bring his family back… which is probably the last thing he should’ve said to (the Very, Very) Big Man. Abbot says the Last Men found Jepp’s family at his house, while he was working for the general. “They died waiting for you to come home,” he taunts. When Jepp tells him he’s lying, Abbot says “maybe, maybe not,” before smashing Jepp’s bad knee. And down he goes!

“Time for Plan B,” Aimee says, stashing Gus in the trap door beneath the cabin. Meanwhile, Wendy is briefly captured by a Last (Wo)Man, but Bear is there to take the lady down. She drops a locket during the fight, and tells Wendy to open it. It’s a picture of the sisters as wee babies, and Bear finally comes clean about their relation. “I’m never letting anyone take you from me again,” Bear tells her. But Wendy just walks away confused.

As Abbot approaches the cabin, Aimee starts firing. Unfortunately she’s not the best shot. He smashes through the front door and after a scuffle, Aimee stabs him with two syringes full of the virus that Pubba had stashed away. But she also drops the vial of treatment. Gus frees himself, grabs the vial and runs out the door, but Abbot is close behind with the rifle. Luckily, he’s a worse shot than Aimee is… until one of his shots connects. Just before Abbot is about to shoot Gus again, Big Man appears. Abbot shifts his aim and Gus screams: “Nooooo!” His voice echoes through the forest causing a stampede of bison to tear through the woods. They trample Abbot to death (or so we think), but stampede around the hybrid boy. Does Gus have some magical connection with animals he doesn’t know about?

Gus reclaims the vial, but as he does, Abbot uses the last of his life to shoot him in the back with an arrow. Abbot finally dies as Sweet Tooth bleeds out and the screen fades to white.

Jepperd and the kids have a funeral service, but it’s not for Gus (phew!); it’s for Aimee, who has expired from the virus (OK, still sad). When the camera pans back inside the cabin, we see Gus alive and recovering in bed. As Wendy reads one of Gus’ homemade books, Bear notices it was created over a map of Alaska. We cut to a snowy blizzard as Gus trudges through the snow to a cave. A fire lights in front of him and a woman comes into view. It’s a nearly frozen Birdie who utters “help me.” It’s a dream. Gus wakes up. Big Man (having listened to Birdie’s tape) and Bear say they know where Birdie is, and the three of them plus Wendy decide they’ll journey north to the country’s 49th state in search of Gus’ mom.

After the four of them take off, Singh approaches the cabin on horseback. He finds the map, implying that he’ll most likely follow their footsteps.

In the episode’s tag, we see Helen Zhang once again (from Episode 5), as her henchman informs her of Abbot’s demise. Though they didn’t find the cure in the rubble at the zoo, they did find one of Singh’s recordings. She orders them to transcribe it then feeds raw meat to some menacing-sounding beasts she has locked in a cage. “I’m just gonna have to take care of this myself,” she says. And a new Big Bad is born!

Happy to see Sweet Tooth and Big Man defeat the Last Men? Any hopes for Season 3? Grade the finale and season below, then tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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