Susanna Reid teases 'saucepot' Bill Turnbull over his cheeky sex jokes on Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid teases 'saucepot' Bill Turnbull over his cheeky sex jokes on Good Morning Britain

May 29, 2021

SUSANNA Reid teased her co-host Bill Turnbull for being a "saucepot" with his cheeky sex jokes on Good Morning Britain.

Susanna, 50, has been amused by her former BBC Breakfast colleague all week as they reunited for the show.

The 65-year-old been entertaining viewers with his X-rated moments after suggesting he "have a go" with Susanna on the studio floor.

Today Bill sighed as he claimed his words had been twisting, adding: "I've been called a lot of things in my time on air but saucepot? Never before.

Susanna insisted: "It's well-deserved after this week."

"Oh come on," Bill laughed.

"You can't say anything on this programme… it gets misinterpreted."

Susanna then decided to list all of the key moments from Bill's three-day stint presenting Good Morning Britain.

"Yesterday we were juiced up," said Susanna.

"You were talking about good vibrations. And the first day you were here you were suggesting we get down to it on the floor… that was yoga by the way."

Bill added: "Exactly, you say something innocent and it just gets twisted."

Bill's naughty sense of humour was highlighted yesterday while discussing a bee he named after Susanna who he previously co-hosted BBC Breakfast with until she departed for ITV in 2014.

Explaining he's kept bees in his garden for 20 years, a clip played out of a bee on Bill's finger.

Newsreader Charlott Hawkins asked: "Do you handle every bee?"

"No I don't," he replied, before cheekily adding: "That one was a special one because it was called Susanna."

Touched that he'd named a bee after her, Susanna said: "Aww."

But Bill added: "That's the only time I'll have a Susanna eating out of my hand."

Susanna giggled before swiftly moving on.

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