Strictly star Chris Ramsey’s wife Rosie says she’s only seen her husband for three hours as he trains for Blackpool – The Sun

Strictly star Chris Ramsey’s wife Rosie says she’s only seen her husband for three hours as he trains for Blackpool – The Sun

November 13, 2019

STRICTLY star Chris Ramsey's wife has admitted she's only seen her hubbie for THREE hours this week as he's busy training for Blackpool.

The comedian is through to the next round of the dancing competition and is clearly working hard perfecting his new passion – but his wife isn't that impressed.

The 33-year-old comic from South Shields has been married to fellow comedienne wife Rosie Winter since 2014 – and it seems as though she's missing her husband.

The singer and actress hosts the podcast Sh**ged Married Annoyed with her husband, and they live together in a plush pad in Newcastle. 

And it appears as though she could be feeling the latter about her husband spending so much time dancing.

The blonde comedienne posted on her Insta stories: "Morning. it's very early. I came all the way to London saw my husband very briefly last night.

"Did the podcast. Watched half an hour of Downton Abbey. Went to bed. And now I'm wondering, what is life?!"

She continued: "Chris is still in Strictly. Oh god. How did that happen, I swear… if he gets to the final…

"I can't believe he's still in it. Imagine if he makes it through to the final!

"Go Chris, get to the final but at the same time… I did not think this was going to happen."

She wrote alongside her video: "Saw my husband for all of three hours last night," next to the graphic 'What The?!'.

The pair have a five-year-old son together called Robin who was staying with his grandparents while the pair were in London.

Chris is currently storming through Strictly despite not having any former dancing experience with pro partner Karen Hauer.

The dancer recently split with husband Kevin Clifton – who is now in a relationship with former Strictly champ Stacey Dooley.


Wife Rosie previously said about the dreaded Strictly curse: “Now, strap in. This may come as a genuine shock to you but it was actually me who forced my husband to say yes to the show.”

She added: “But Rosie…the curse?’ I hear you ask again. Yes. I know. I am fully aware of ‘The Curse’, I’m also aware that it’s been given its own special name.

"Now, I trust my husband and understand that he interacts with members of the opposite sex daily, as I do. I cannot control him.

“I can only, like everyone else in a relationship, hope that our marriage never goes down that path, be it by him or myself.”

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