Strictly rocked by backstage row between Katya and Neil Jones after over ‘never been better’ comment – The Sun

Strictly rocked by backstage row between Katya and Neil Jones after over ‘never been better’ comment – The Sun

October 7, 2019

STRICTLY Come Dancing was rocked by a backstage row between Katya and Neil Jones this weekend after she made a dig at him on live TV.

The 30-year-old dancer told host Claudia Winkleman she had "never been better" as her estranged husband stood just yards away.

Whila Claudia laughed and said "I don't believe that", Neil managed to force a smile.

But the comment irritated the 37-year-old who ranted behind the scenes before confronting Katya face to face.

A source told The Sun Online: "Just after filming finished, a huge fight broke out backstage between Katya and Neil.

"He thought what she said was a dig, and didn't appreciate it.

"He was really annoyed and told her so – but she denied it was anything to do with him."

Neil and Katya announced plans to divorce last month after Katya's drunken kiss with her dance partner comedian Seann Walsh last year.

They had been married for six years, but danced professionally together since they started dating in 2008.

Before tensions rose at work this week, the former couple planned to keep working and dancing together alongside their solo projects despite their separation.

Last month Neil joked he was banning fans for voting for his soon-to-be ex-wife after she cheated on him.

Katya is paired up with BBC presenter Mike Bushell in the competition. She took a nasty fall on Saturday night during the routine, with some fans claiming she was "drunk" or "on something", which she denied.

Meanwhile Neil's partnered with former England and Arsenal defender Alex Scott after finally getting the chance to compete with a celebrity since joining Strictly in 2016.

He told crowds at Milton Keynes Hospital Charity Ball he planned to knock his ex out of the competition – and win the glitterball trophy for the very first time.

"Please send me the votes, give them to me and Alex. Don't worry about Katya, she's won it," Neil said cheekily.

"Seriously, she's had three years of votes. You can give them to me and Alex that would really help. Alex will improve over time, she will get better and better and better."

Neil managed to beat Katya's Strictly results this weekend, with Alex getting 23 points in comparison to Mike's 18.

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