Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers swipe at woman who traded hair grip for new home

Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers swipe at woman who traded hair grip for new home

January 5, 2022

Steph's Packed Lunch viewers aren't impressed by woman who traded her way from a single hair grip all the way to a house in just a year and a half.

Demi Skipper was a guest on the show and explained how she managed to secure a house in Tennessee after starting out with a hair grip worth just pennies.

She started her journey on Craigslist and found out in December that she's got what she'd be aiming for.

However, it seems that Brits aren't as impressed by her achievement as expected.

Demi managed to go from a hair grip to an electric bike, cars and eventually a house with other obscure items in between.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss what they thought as one wrote: "That house looks like it’s worth about a fiver #StephsPackedLunch."

A second person thought her Wi-Fi wasn't up to standard: "She should trade up for better wifi… #StephsPackedLunch."

Another wasn't impressed with the look of the house as they wrote: "I’d have kept the hair grip… #StephsPackedLunch."

Demi explained how she traded an electric bike for a car at one point to a man who had multiple cars, but one viewer didn't understand the logic behind this as they tweeted: "Looked in his garage at his 5 cars.. you meaning his parking lot?? Rich folk trading to get richer here?? lol."

Demi explained how she managed to get a house in just a year and a half, but admitted it took a lot of blood sweat and tears to achieve.

She was originally inspired by Kyle MacDonald who in 2006 traded a red paperclip all the way to a house.

Demi managed to get her house as she reached her 28th trade.

Steph McGovern introduced Demi to the show by holding a hair grip and saying: "She traded this in for some earrings and then she swapped them for some margarita glasses and then a vacuum cleaner and then the list goes on and on and on."

Demi said she tells people that the process was 'step by step' which included sending more than 300,000 messages inquiring about future swaps.

The 29-year-old said that her plan is to renovate her new house and then start the process again by trading it to someone for another single hair grip.

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