Stacey Solomon says Joe Swash can ‘live with mess everywhere’ but it makes her ‘teary’

Stacey Solomon says Joe Swash can ‘live with mess everywhere’ but it makes her ‘teary’

November 4, 2021

Stacey Solomon is back on screens tonight fronting BBC One’s home lifestyle series Sort Your Life Out.

And in the first episode of the show, the Loose Women star opens up about the big difference between her and her fiance Joe Swash when it comes to keeping their home clean.

Speaking to one of the show’s contributors, who explains she likes to have everything in order in her bedroom, Stacey, 32, says she can totally relate.

The TV star reveals: “I’m a lot like you. My partner could live with mess everywhere and he doesn’t even see it, and it actually upsets me to the point where it makes me feel down.”

The mum-of-four, who recently welcomed first daughter Rose, continues: “That sounds ridiculous, but I genuinely get teary about it.”

She added: “I just feel so overwhelmed when things are an absolute mess.”

Later, speaking directly to viewers at home, Stacey says: “Sidnie is like my spirit animal. I haven’t related to anyone as much as I’ve related to Sidnie in a very long time.”

And it’s clear Stacey is in her absolute element hosting the show, as she shows families how to transform their homes and de-clutter in just seven days.

With her natural ease and down-to-earth personality, she bonds with the families, helping them every step of the way.

Stacey recently opened up about why she wanted to front the series on BBC One’s The One Show.

During a conversation with hosts Gethin Jones and Alex Scott, Stacey explained it was a completely natural fit for her as it’s how she likes to spend her time in her own house.

The star, who already has a big Instagram following thanks to clever cleaning tricks and tips, revealed: “It's something that I enjoy doing personally at home.”

“When we decided to do Sort Your Life Out, the most incredible feeling was meeting people who just felt really overwhelmed by their homes and they didn't know where to start.”

She continued: “To be able to go in there with a team of people and meticulously organise through things it's a really cathartic feeling.”

“There's something really satisfying about going from a complete mess to real organised heaven.”

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