Stacey Solomon ‘emotional’ as she chokes back tears discussing parents’ divorce

Stacey Solomon ‘emotional’ as she chokes back tears discussing parents’ divorce

November 4, 2021

A huge part of TV presenter Stacey Solomon’s popularity is her relatability and how she always wears her heart on her sleeve.

And in tonight’s opening episode of her BBC series Sort Your Life Out – where Stacey challenges families to transform their homes in just seven days – that quality really comes to the forefront.

The 32-year-old, who filmed the show before she gave birth to baby daughter Rose, introduces viewers to The Paine family – divorced, single mum Steph and her three daughters, whose messy home is in desperate need of an overhaul.

And it’s not long before down-to-earth Stacey is helping the family to declutter their surroundings and move on from some past painful memories, before candidly discussing some of her own.

After the family have packed up their belongings to be sorted out into two piles that they’ll either keep or send to recycling, Stacey and Steph have a heart-to-heart.

Steph, who is divorced from her girls’ father, explains she has put memories from her wedding day in the loft so that she can show her girls in the future.

And, as emotions run high, the family’s situation strikes a chord with Stacey as she opens up about her own parents’ divorce and becomes on the verge of tears.

The mum-of-four says: “To be able to save up really painful memories for her that could actually really potentially be massive chunks of her children’s questions is a really selfless thing to do.”

After watching the girls look through their mum's belongings, Stacey, whose parents Fiona and David have split, continued: “I almost get really sad because I’m a lot like my mum and when my mum and dad got divorced, my mum let go of everything.”

“I’ve never seen my mum's wedding dress, or a wedding album. I definitely had almost a jealousy of watching the girls see all their parents’ photos and stuff.”

She added: “And also just the love letters, Steph’s children will read those and know how in love their mum and dad were.”

Stacey went on to say that she felt “emotional” watching the family move forward to start their new chapter after bonding with them.

She said: “I’m so emotional. You know what it is, I actually really love them as people.”

“They’re the most gorgeous family and you can see that Steph has devoted her life to these kids and they’re just so lovely.”

The former I’m a Celeb contestant concluded: “This whole day has just got me. I just think they’re such a lovely family.”

Sort Your Life Out debuted as a pilot last April, before being picked up for a full series. It sees Stacey and her team of experts, organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan, helping families to let go of half their possessions so that they can totally reorganise their home.

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