Spoilers: Sharon resorts to murder to stop Mel in EastEnders?

Spoilers: Sharon resorts to murder to stop Mel in EastEnders?

November 10, 2019

You don’t mess with the Mitchells and as Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) ups the stakes in her revenge bid and blasts out of EastEnders as a result, she could be about to find this out the hard way as Sharon (Letitia Dean) is pushed to the limit.

Mel has been tormenting Sharon for weeks, armed with the knowledge that she is pregnant with Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) baby. Sharon has been despairing as Mel’s vengeful demands have increased in size and no amount of begging has made Mel thaw to her.

Despite Sharon bending over backwards to accommodate the blackmail, Mel’s final stage of her revenge is exposing the truth to Phil (Steve McFadden) so she plans a surprise party for both Sharon and Louise (Tilly Keeper).

After getting an insight into Mel’s obsession and finding herself on the receiving end of her temper, Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) is concerned by her best mate’s plot and worried about how far she intends to go but Louise doesn’t heed her warnings.

As both Sharon and Louise end up at the venue, Mel’s plot starts to come together, especially with Phil heading home having been contacted by Mel over the sale of E20. Sharon slips out and makes her way to the airport to get to Phil first but Mel is hot on her heels and this leads to a high speed car chase.

But as she catches up to Sharon, Mel decides to take action there and then – and makes a call to Billy (Perry Fenwick), demanding that he puts the phone to the microphone so that she can make an announcement for Phil’s benefit.

Sensing Mel’s plot, Sharon takes drastic action and the result of the clash is a devastating collision which looks like it could be the end of the road for Mel. Has Sharon taken an opportunity to get Mel out of her hair for good – and deliberately caused her to crash and die?

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