Spoilers: Nancy's heartache as Kyle's funeral arrives in Hollyoaks

Spoilers: Nancy's heartache as Kyle's funeral arrives in Hollyoaks

July 7, 2020

Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) is devastated in Hollyoaks, as she has to bid farewell to Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) on the day of his funeral.

Nancy has been struggling to come to terms with the fact that Kyle took his own life, and she believed that it was her fault that he’s dead.

However, Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) and Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) were able to make her see that this isn’t the case, and therefore — in spite of her resistance — she decided that she would, in fact, attend Kyle’s funeral.

In tonight’s episode, the day of Kyle’s funeral arrives.

James (Gregory Finnegan) offers Nancy some comfort at the wake, while Brooke (Talia Vanessa Grant) worries that what she’s written isn’t quite right.

Therefore, Nancy agrees to read aloud what Brooke has written instead.

As she does so, it becomes apparent that the words are about the importance of honesty, and thus Nancy urges anyone who’s keeping a secret to come clean and tell someone.

Reading these particular words, she looks at Darren.


Will Darren reveal to Mandy that he once contemplated taking his own life?

Nancy did tell him to do so, and if he ultimately didn’t, then she promised she would.

Hollyoaks continues Tuesday 7 July at 7pm on E4. Hollyoaks Favourites resumes Wednesday at 7pm on E4, and find out which classic instalments are on offer this week here.

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