Spoilers: Marlon makes huge progress after his stroke in Emmerdale

Spoilers: Marlon makes huge progress after his stroke in Emmerdale

April 5, 2022

Since Marlon (Mark Charnock) had his devastating stroke on Emmerdale the future of the entire family has been up in the air as everyone came to terms with what had happened.

To begin with it wasn’t clear how much progress he would ever make and how disabled he would eventually be. Any progress – such as learning to communicate, or eating food – was achingly slow and left Rhona (Zoe Henry) frustrated, exhausted and in despair.

Meanwhile Marlon’s pain was evident in his eyes and his efforts to make himself understood, as he realised that the people he loved were suffering almost as much as he was.

So it comes as a huge relief that upcoming episodes see things begin to look a lot more positive for the family.

The change begins when April (Amelia Flanagan) visits her dad, and Rhona sees that she isn’t upset or afraid of how vulnerable he is. April’s jokey attitude to Marlon in turn makes him feel more relaxed, and Rhona can finally begin to picture a life for them all together at home.

There’s further good news when Marlon has a speech therapy session and speaks a complete sentence for the first time.

And with the help of Paddy (Dominic Brunt), who steps in with a plan to help Rhona cope, it looks like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for the Dingle Goskirks.

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