Spoilers: Gary unwittingly pays for his own assassination in Corrie

Spoilers: Gary unwittingly pays for his own assassination in Corrie

September 20, 2022

Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) was a changed person in tonight’s Coronation Street. The newly-discovered knowledge that Gary Windass (Mikey North) was the one who killed her father Rick (Greg Wood) gave everything she did in the episode an extra edge, as she became determined to see justice for her father.

Rick himself was on hand, too, in the form of a vision that popped into Kelly’s mind, uttering apt Shakespearean phrases like, ‘He that dies pays all debts.’ He was also there in a scene where she looked through photos of when she was younger and she, Rick and Laura (Kel Allen) were together. ‘You were proper loved,’ ghostly Rick said. ‘We were a family. You know what you’ve got to do.’

Kelly decided what she really needed was a hit-man, and when she was called to the police station to identify Kieron (Pat Lally), who kidnapped her, she had just the man. She pretended to the police that she didn’t recognise Kieron, so that when he was released she was able to approach him.

‘I want a favour,’ she told him. ‘I’ll give you 10 thousand pounds to kill Gary Windass.’ She said if he refused to do as she asked she would go back to the police and identify him as the kidnapper.

‘Are you threatening me, little girl?’ he said.

‘I’m not a little girl. I’m Kelly Neelan,’ she replied.

Legally, however, she is still a little girl in the sense that she needed her guardian to go with her to the bank to transfer the money she needed.

When Gary overheard her talking to the bank about this on the phone he asked her what she wanted that much money for. She said it was for the engagement party, and later said it was to pay for a holiday for her and Aadi (Adam Hussain).

Gary tried to tell her that it would be more sensible to use the money for something like a deposit on a flat, but he relented because he said at her age he would have loved to have the money for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So he agreed to go to the bank with her – little realising that he was actually going to help her get the money to pay for his own assassination.

When she met Kieron later she told him the plan was on, and she’d give him half the money upfront and half later. She was hoping it would be done while she was out of the country but Kieron asked her, ‘Do you knot want to see him laid out on a slab?’

Kelly’s resolve might have wavered at that point, but ghostly Rick Neelan once again appeared, and Kelly repeated his earlier words to Kieron:

‘He that dies pays all debts’ she said. ‘Do it.’

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