Spider faces knife terror as he takes drastic action in Coronation Street

Spider faces knife terror as he takes drastic action in Coronation Street

February 20, 2023

Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) has already shown that he’s prepared to put life and limb on the line in the pursuit of justice in Coronation Street as the undercover cop was hospitalised after being attacked with a crow bar by Griff (Michael Condron).

Spider had infiltrated Griff’s far right gang in a plan to bring an end to their hateful activities by gathering enough evidence to get them locked away for a very long time.

Amid escalating violence and worrying about the effect the gang were having on young Max Turner (Paddy Bever), Spider eventually caused gang leader Griff to become suspicious of him. He was lured to what he believed was a meeting with Max, and Griff attacked him with the crow bar.

Now with Griff behind bars, Spider is still looking for answers and he goes to the prison to tell Griff he wants to make a deal with him. If he gives the police the name of whoever has been funding the gang, he’ll get a reduced sentence.

Griff gives him a name, and Spider is shocked to hear it’s Councillor Len Cameron (Mark Murphy). As soon as Spider has the name, he tells Griff that the ‘deal’ he offered never really existed and he can forget about having his sentence reduced.

This leaves Griff furious. When Spider and his colleagues go to arrest Councillor Cameron at a press event, they arrive fully equipped in stab vests.

Griff might be safely locked away but plenty of gang members still remain, and as recent events in Coronation Street have shown all too clearly, the gang are ready and willing to use weapons in pursuit of their aims.

Will the gang try to do something to stop the arrest? Is Spider walking into deadly danger?

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