Sorry, Cordelia isn't actually a sexy period drama after all

Sorry, Cordelia isn't actually a sexy period drama after all

September 17, 2020

You should never judge a book by its cover – or, apparently, a movie by its poster.

Film fans, or more specifically, dominant woman fans, have been left disappointed after realising what they thought was a sexy historical drama couldn’t be further from it.

The upcoming movie Cordelia blew up on Twitter this week, thanks to a steamy poster that seemingly flipped a heterosexual sex scene stereotype on its head.

The poster showed Antonia Campbell-Hughes’ character Cordelia pressing Johnny Flynn’s character Frank up against a wall while kissing his neck, with Frank’s eyes closed.

The sexy image was a twist on the usual man-pushing-a-woman-against-a-wall image we’re used to seeing, and people were seriously hyped to watch a raunchy period drama with a dominant woman driving the sex scenes. 

Harriet Mould tweeted the poster out and wrote: ‘I legit don’t think I’ve ever seen this pose this way round before’, and replies included: ‘I don’t need to see the trailer. I’m sold’, and ‘Normalise Victorian dudes getting the strap.’

Another person wrote: ‘I know nothing about this film except that I will 110% watch the shit out of it. Film producers, listen, I have money and will throw it at you for sexually confident women in period clothing.’

So people were pretty shocked to discover that Cordelia isn’t a period drama switching up traditional gender roles at all, but a psychological thriller involving the 7/7 bombings.

It seems that the old-school typeface used for the film title, the moody lighting, old-fashioned wallpaper and thin lines on Cordelia’s shirt warped our minds, as Flynn and Campbell-Hughes aren’t even wearing period clothing in the poster. 

The ‘traumatic event’ is the 7/7 bombings, with Cordelia on the tube when terrorists attack the carriage on July 7 2005. 

The Shape Of Water actress Sally Hawkins executive produces the thriller, while Michael Gambon and Catherine McCormack also star.

It may not be the sexy period drama you were expecting, but Cordelia the psychological thriller is set for release on October 23. 

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