‘Single’s Inferno’: An Yea-won and Cha Hyun-seung Shed Light on What Really Happened on the Dating Show

‘Single’s Inferno’: An Yea-won and Cha Hyun-seung Shed Light on What Really Happened on the Dating Show

January 18, 2022

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno ended with a jaw-dropping finale with fan-favorite couples leaving the deserted island together. While An Yea-won left Inferno with her choice, fans felt she had a strong connection with Cha Hyun-seung on Single’s Inferno. The two contestants met up on Yae-won’s Youtube channel to discuss what happened between them and more about the show.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Single’s Inferno.]

Were An Yea-won and Cha Hyun-seung meant to be on ‘Single’s Inferno?’

Fans and the contestants were thrown a curveball in Single’s Inferno Episode 5. As the initial contestants were well underway developing feelings, the show introduced two new female contestants and one male. K-Pop fans immediately recognized Cha Hyun-seung. He is a popular backup dancer for well-known K-pop bands and idols.

When he arrived on the island, he was a new target for the female contestants. While the show quickly established a storyline between Hyun-seung, Song Ji-a and Kim Hyeon-joong, fans saw a spark between him and Yae-won.

Yea-won got right to the point and had a one-on-one conversation with him and treated Hyun-seung like a friend. Their conversation revealed they had a lot in common like loving water sports. When Hyun-seung later spoke with Kang So-yeon, he admitted he liked Yea-won’s smile and attitude.

But the male contestant stuck to trying to win over Ji-a on Single’s Inferno. Fans were left displeased believing Hyun-seung missed his grand opportunity with Yea-won.

An Yea-won and Cha Hyun-seung explain what happened between them on ‘Single’s Inferno’

By the finale of the dating show, Yea-won chose to leave with Kim Jun-sik. But fans on Reddit believe they never developed a romantic spark. “The ending with Junsik and her was expected but it feels like they like each other as friends and value the experiences they’ve had together,” said one fan. More often than not, the two were left on Inferno together.

Yea-won and Hyun-seung reunited in real life to discuss Single’s Inferno and their mindset regarding each other during the show in a Youtube video. In the midst of talking about Hyun-seung’s Paradise date with Ji-a, Yea-won asked the dancer why he did not pick her.

Fans might find his explanation reasonable. After their conversation in the dining area, they never spoke again. Hyun-seung found her charming, but, “At the same time, I thought that you may not be interested in me.” He also saw her with Jun-sik, and they later went to Paradise together.

After watching Single’s Inferno, Yea-won learned he had two choices for Paradise. Hyun-seung admits it was between Ji-a and Yea-won. The dancer also admits he planned to talk to Yea-won when he returned but was floored by her comment, “You must have had fun.” If Yea-won had won the hat game, who would she have picked?

An Yea-won would have had a hard time picking her partner to go to Paradise with on ‘Single’s Inferno’

The final trip to Paradise on the show was decided with a hat game. The female contestants wore different colored hats and were paired randomly with a male contestant. The objective was to capture the opponent’s hat while the women were on the mens’ backs. Yea-won lost the game while Hyun-seung did not.

In the Youtube video, he asked Yea-won who she would have picked. She explains if he showed interest in Ji-a, she would have gone with Jun-sik. But, “If you were to tell me that you had at least a little bit of interest in me, I would’ve picked you to get to know you more and stuff,” said Yea-won.

Single’s Inferno was a missed opportunity for both Yea-won and Hyun-seung. Their chemistry in the video borders between affection and good friends. Social media posts hint that the two might be dating or atelast good friends afte the show.

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