Shows from the 2000s That Were Canceled Way Too Soon

Shows from the 2000s That Were Canceled Way Too Soon

November 4, 2022

The show that introduced us to Tracee Ellis Ross—and won her two NAACP Image Awards. Still mad this show was canceled without a proper season finale.

Kay, technically Freaks and Geeks is a 90s show, but it ran into the aughts and I, for one, will never turn down an opportunity to complain about it being canceled.

Angel walked so Edward Cullen could run.

The premise for this show is literally a creepy company renting out human “dolls” from their network of “underground doll houses,” one of whom is sentient. So basically M3GAN but aughts?

Everyone else: spends formative years watching The O.C.

Me: spends formative years watching Jennifer Love Hewitt and her side-swept bangs talk to ghosts.

Never has anyone been so angsty while showing off their six-pack.

House of the Dragon who? Never heard of her.

The fact that Lizzie McGuire was only on for two seasons is a crime that Mickey Mouse AND HIS MOUSEKETEERS should have to pay for.

If you missed this one, it’s basically Joan Osborne’s “What If God Was One of Us” but a TV show.

Would happily let aliens abduct me if it meant bringing back this show.

Shockingly, a show best described as an “American space western” didn’t get more than one season! Huh!

Sometimes I’m minding my own business and the name “Ephram” just leaps into my brain for no reason.

If life was fair, The Ashlee Simpson Show would have been like The Kardashians: never-ending.

One of the funniest shows ever! Chris Rock is the one who wanted to end it, but still feels like it was gone too soon.

They saved the cheerleader, they saved the world, but alas, they couldn’t save this show.

Weird how I keep casting spells and yet this show still hasn’t been rebooted.

The fact that this is the best photo I could find from Date My Mom really says it all.

Attn, Lee Pace Hive: Rise and do your thing to get this show rebooted.

Daria is entirely responsible for an entire generation’s sense of humor.

Not to start drama, but Happy Endings >>>> Friends

Let’s go back. Back to the beginning and force MTV to give us more seasons of this perfect show.

If you miss Hart of Dixie as much as I do, fun fact: the guy who plays the grumpy-but-lovable doctor stars in Virgin River as the exact same character.

Really confused as to why a show based on a hot dude hunting monsters from Brothers Grimm fairy tales was canceled, but okay.

Yet another critically acclaimed and criminally under-watched show from Judd Apatow that only lasted one season.

Free Halloween idea for next year: Tobias Fünke crying in the shower wearing his denim shorts.

Would very much like to leave this timeline and live in one where Futurama wasn’t canceled. Good thing it’s getting rebooted in 2023!

This show’s cancellation came out of nowhere, meaning it ended on a cliff-hanger. I haven’t felt a lack of closure like this since my last relationship ended.

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