Seth Meyers Says That A WGA Strike Would Be A “Miserable Thing”: “What Writers Are Asking For Is Not Unreasonable”

Seth Meyers Says That A WGA Strike Would Be A “Miserable Thing”: “What Writers Are Asking For Is Not Unreasonable”

May 1, 2023

Seth Meyers got serious during his “Corrections” Late Night segment and talked about the possible writers strike. The late-night talk show host started off by saying that if he was good at one thing it was writing, “I love writing so much.”

“I am deeply proud of the fact that I get to be a professional writer,” he said before mentioning that if the Writers Guild of America doesn’t reach an agreement by midnight on Monday, May 1, members would go on strike. “If a writers’ strike happens that would shut down production on a great many shows.”

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Late-night shows would be the first ones impacted if the writers go on strike. Meyers recalled that he experienced “a very long strike” while he was at Saturday Night Live and “it was really miserable.”

“It doesn’t just affect the writers, it affects all the incredible non-writing staff on these shows,” he added. “And it would really be a miserable thing for people to have to go through, especially considering we’re on the heels of that awful pandemic that affected, not just show business, but all of us.”

Meyers continued, “I’m incredibly grateful that there are negotiators for both sides sitting and talking. I’m incredibly hopeful that they can come to an agreement. I also feel very strongly that what the writers are asking for is not unreasonable. As a proud member of the Guild, I’m very grateful that there is an organization that looks out for the best interests of writers.”

“If you don’t see me here next week, know that it is something that is not done lightly and that I will be heartbroken too and miss you all as well. Let’s just keep our you know what’s and see me when you see me,” he ended.

Watch the moment in the video posted below.

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