Ruthie Henshall accused of ‘cheating’ during I’m A Celeb live trial ‘Used her hand!’

Ruthie Henshall accused of ‘cheating’ during I’m A Celeb live trial ‘Used her hand!’

November 21, 2020

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Last night’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! trial saw the boys go against the girls in The Royal Tournament in order to try and win some much-needed good food for their side. However, eagle-eyed ITV viewers believed they saw Ruthie Henshall “cheating” in the latest challenge which required the celebrities to only use their mouths – but some thought they spotted her “sticking her hands in” to help complete the task which she and the girls failed to win. 

The 12 campmates were split into teams aptly named the Lords and the Ladies in order to try and win a banquet. 

The stars had to retrieve the highest number of coins for their side but of course, there was a twist.

Using just their mouths, the celebrities had to dig through fish guts to find the coins in the hope of finding victory in the task. 

And the first round saw Hollie Arnold MBE and Ruthie up against Shane Richie and Jordan North.

However, some of those watching were convinced they had spied Ruthie “cheating”.

Sharp-eyed viewers believed they saw the West End star was placing her hands in the troughs to feel for coins before getting them out with her mouth. 

And fans soon took to Twitter to share their observations during the latest gruesome trial. 

Another shared: “I’m sure I saw Ruthie’s arm keep going in there during the live trial? Ant or Dec didn’t say anything about it though… #ImACeleb.”

“Was Ruthie cheating in that live trial? her arms kept going into the container and she still lost #ImACeleb,” commented a third.

A fourth said: “Is no one gonna talk about Ruthie’s blatant cheating in that live trial #ImACeleb.”

A fifth added: “Ruthie was so cheating there – she kept sticking her hands in to feel for the coins! Glad the boys won!”

She wasn’t the only one accused of wrongdoings are some are convinced they believed they had spotted some of the other stars carrying out some similar tricks. 

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One commented: #ImACeleb Shane & Ruthie are totally cheating in this one, Ant and Dec specifically said not to use the hands but Shane and Ruthie did…… a lot.”

I’m sorry but this live trial is b***cks, Ruthie used her hand to help get coins and Jessica [Plummer] didn’t put the stocks on correctly so had an advantage compared to AJ [Pritchard] #ImACeleb,” noted another.

It was the boys who managed to take the glory last night and they, therefore, got to dig into a banquet to the envy of the other half of the camp. 

However, as all the celebrities have all made themselves at home in the camp, speculation is rife over who will be first to get the boot.

It’s Paralympian Hollie who is looking most likely to be sent home in the first public vote at 2/1 odds according to bookmakers Betway.

Betway’s Chad Yeomans said: “The celebs have all settled in camp but they shouldn’t get too comfy as the first eliminations are just around the corner. 

“Hollie is favourite at 2/1 to be leaving the creepy castle and heading for the home comforts, while Victoria could be back in her day job sooner than expected, as she’s priced at 11/4 to be heading for the hotel.

AJ and Ruthie are priced at 4/1 and 11/2, respectively. Perhaps a partnership on Strictly could bring more success for the pair?”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues tonight at 9pm on ITV. 

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