Ruth Langsford mocks ‘resentful’ Loose Women co-star about rows at home

Ruth Langsford mocks ‘resentful’ Loose Women co-star about rows at home

August 14, 2023

Janet Street-Porter rants about the ‘marmite fairy’

Ruth Langsford jokingly mocked Janet Street-Porter during Monday’s Loose Women as she said: “The resentment is coming through.”

Ruth’s comment came after the panel discussed what sparks an argument with their loved ones at home.

During a segment titled, Do you have an arguing room, Janet launched into a rant about always “clearing up after the other person” in the kitchen at home.

Ruth began: “Kitchens see more arguments than any other part of the house. I can see that – we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, don’t we?”

“Yes…we spend a lot of time clearing up after the other person,” Janet chipped in.

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This led Ruth to mock her co-star as she replied: “Ooh the resentment is coming through already.”

Janet ignored Ruth’s jibe as she continued: “So category number one – the marmite people.

“They go to the jar, unscrew it, put the lid down, get the knife and put it across the toast, then place it down dribbling it along the way and then they leave the lid like ‘There’s the marmite fairy’.

“It’s the same person that gets the jar of mayonnaise, unscrews it, slathers it all over the cheese sandwich – which is a horrible combination in my opinion, then what they do in that case is leave the lid half on.”

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“So when you pick up the jar of mayonnaise it drops on the floor,” Janet fumed.

“Unforgivable,” Katie Piper chimed in as Janet brought up another issue in the kitchen.

“Don’t even start me on the dishwasher… I’m a really tidy person. And why do they only hoover where the dog’s been?” Janet added.

Speaking about what it’s like living with Eamonn Holmes, Ruth shared: “Yes I get the kitchen bit – Eamonn leaves yoghurt lids wet side-up. so I leave it, but three hours later it’s still there.”

“Oh, so what?” Coleen Nolan said to which Ruth replied: “So somebody said, ‘Just leave it,’ and I have done before.

“I have days where I am like, ‘I’m going to leave that, I’m going to leave that…'”

Ruth added: “Sometimes I am scratching like this thinking, ‘Ah, it’s still there.’

“I can’t and he knows I can’t. He would not even notice it because he’s kind of just left it there.

“But it’s funny as it depends on what mood I am in and where we are at in that part of our relationship that day.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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