Rita Ora's dad shames singer for flouting lockdown rules with 30th birthday party

Rita Ora's dad shames singer for flouting lockdown rules with 30th birthday party

December 8, 2020

RITA ORA’s flouting of lockdown rules was given short shrift by her millions of fans.

But just like most of us might have got, the singer had the worst ticking off from her mum Vera and dad Besnik.

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I can reveal Rita, who was busted twice for ignoring the Covid guidelines, has been properly put in her place after being publicly blasted for her actions.

She was pictured yesterday looking sombre while out with Besnik after the pair spent some time talking over her actions.

A friend said: “Rita knows she’s let her fans down massively and feels a huge weight of responsibility on her shoulders.

“Her parents have been the latest to step in and have words with her.

“Her mum Vera visited her on Sunday to give her a real ticking off. And then Rita’s dad Besnik took her out for a long walk to discuss what had happened.

“Rita knows she has made mistakes and is heartbroken that she’s caused so much pain and disappointment to her fans — let alone her family.

“She is incredibly close to Vera and Besnik and has taken their advice on board.

“Rita is a huge name in the music business but she is also a young woman who makes mistakes. She has learnt from this.”

The singer has since returned to her music and has been in the studio working on new tracks.

Her second album, Phoenix, came out in November 2018. A pal added: “Rita is pouring all her concentration into her music now.

“She is determined to make her fans proud again.”

Rita offered to pay a £10,000 fine after police were called to a private party in a West London restaurant where she was dining with friends including Cara Delevingne.

It later came to light that while she broke lockdown rules with her pals, Rita should have also been self-isolating as she had flown into London from a gig at a hotel in Egypt just days before her party.

Rita has apologised unreservedly for both incidents.

While she has been a fool, I think she has made it clear just how sorry she is.

I am sure she can move on from this.

Ness is hard to bleat

VANESSA Hudgens was acting the goat as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The Greatest Of All Time-themed bash saw some of the biggest moments from the Eighties through to today given recognition.

High School Musical actress Vanessa had a number of costume changes, including a pink dress to welcome the goat on stage.

At one point she was even covered in blood while recreating a scene from the movie Carrie.

Aussie singer Sia performed new single Hey Boy from her upcoming album, and Lily Collins, star of one of the shows of the year, Emily In Paris, wore a black latex outfit to present an award.

Among the winners were Kevin Bacon from 1984 movie Footloose, who received the Dance Your Ass Off gong.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair picked up the Legendary Lip Lock award for their Cruel Intentions snog.

That has been worthy of many awards.

Gi-ve me wild… not nice

GIOVANNA Fletcher seems very nice. I’m sure she’s a terrific mum and a great friend to many.

Now that I’ve got that out the way, “Gi” is also not a “celebrity” and never will be.

After the dullest series of I’m A Celeb in memory it seems only fitting that someone totally devoid of star quality would be crowned champion, and I’ve happily kept quiet for a few days for her to enjoy the moment.

But now it’s time for some home truths.

I don’t want my TV stars lovely and wholesome – I want them to be exciting, energetic, wild at times, bursting with charisma and infinitely cooler than I am.

I don’t need them parading their perfect lives and their perfect parenting in front of me on telly – and please try not to look quite so smug about it.

Since nobody has asked – I’ve got some kids, too.

They are pretty happy most of the time, they are fed and clothed on a daily basis but they watch far too much TV. And I routinely give them sweets and chocolate to shut them up.

I’ll spare the nation a TV series of me showing off about it, and “Mama Gi” should too.

Can we please get back to championing the remarkable, the talented and the impossibly charming – and leave excruciatingly tedious normality behind closed doors where it belongs.

I’ve got enough of that already, thanks.

I’m not advocating her coke-snorting, ex-Towie star brother Mario Falcone’s behaviour, but he’d definitely make better telly.

Reality TV should be the home of the great, the good looking and the total car crash.

Tom's space movie will be a Musk-see

THERE’S only one person crazy and rich enough to fund Tom Cruise going into space to film a movie scene – Elon Musk.

The Hollywood actor has linked up with the billionaire inventor, as well as US space agency Nasa, so he can shoot beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Elon, the boss of space exploration firm SpaceX, has previously said he hopes to colonise Mars, and wants to get a million people there by 2050.

A showbiz source said: “Elon’s SpaceX programme will propel him and the cast into orbit for the new movie which is in pre-production.

"It’s also going to be directed by Doug Liman, who worked with Tom on movie Edge Of Tomorrow.”

It comes after I revealed last week how Tom – currently filming the latest Mission: Impossible instalment in Venice following delays due to coronavirus – is hoping to become the first Hollywood star to shoot a scene in space.

A film insider said: “Tom is well known for doing his own stunts and the Mission: films have had some of the most elaborate movie moments ever shot.

"But he’s keen to push things further than anybody has done before – and the big unknown is in space.

“He’s certain he can make something work and has spoken to Nasa about it, too. They also think that it’s feasible.”

Nasa and Tom are a match made in heaven, methinks.

Liam's radio blast

LIAM Gallagher has reignited one of his many rows – this time with Radiohead.

In a new chat, he compared them to an awful 2020, saying: “It’s been a bit of a Radiohead year.”

It comes nine years after he first started the feud, when he told Thom Yorke’s group “to go f*** yourself” as he slammed their album The King Of Limbs.

In an interview with Irish radio station RTE 2FM, Liam also blasted his brother Noel, comparing him to former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for not reuniting Oasis.

He said: “He’s a bit Arsene Wenger, I’m a bit Jose Mourinho. I like having a craic.

“That Noel he’s a bit po-faced. It’s not complicated in my neck of the woods. I think he’d want written apologies and Milk Trays.”

No wonder Noel doesn’t want to kiss and make up.

Elton easy

FOR someone who had his life mapped out for goodness knows how long, Elton John is embracing the chaos.

He says he has no more plans for music or performances after his final tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, was disrupted by Covid.

The Rocket Man singer told Record Collector magazine: “I have no idea what the f*** I’m going to do next, and that feels great.

"I just don’t think this is a time for me to think about recording.

“I’m a dad and I love being a dad. I will get in the mood to record again – and I’ll get in the mood to write.

"But no one needs another Elton John record out at the moment.”

Katy a golden girl

SHE only gave birth four months ago but it’s clear Katy Perry feels golden.

The US singer posed in a Grecian-style metallic gown on Instagram and captioned the photograph “Mother”.

Katy also showed her funny side, sharing a cheeky video flashing a flesh-coloured Spanx from under a sexy blue PVC coat.

The star, who welcomed her first child, Daisy Dove, with fiancé Orlando Bloom in August, opened up earlier this week about how she was finding motherhood.

Katy said: “I’m a new mother. My daughter – she’s such a gift – but there is sometimes a challenge concerning sleep! No matter how much support you have.

“But where am I going to get those six hours I used to get? Where did it go?”

As a parent myself, I can totally relate. I still ask the same questions, Katy.

Gary takes that mum

IT might be uncool, but Gary Barlow doesn’t care that he takes his mum wherever he goes.

The Take That star refuses to leave Marjorie behind after the death of his dad Colin in 2009.

He said: “Whenever I go anywhere on tour, like to Australia or to Los Angeles, I actually take her with me.”

He told Gregory Porter’s podcast The Hang: “When my dad passed away, the first thing I said to my mum was, ‘Right, from this point if you are invited anywhere, the word you say is, yes.

"You go and enjoy your life. Don’t be held back’.

“And she does.”

Laoise notes Paul’s talent

NORMAL People actor Paul Mescal is in high demand after revealing he can sing.

Up-and-coming Irish singer Laoise said: “Would I want to make music with Paul? Oh my God, yes. I’d love to, I’m such a fan.

"I don’t know him but I’m friends with Fionn O’Shea, who played Jamie in Normal People.

"It’s a great time for new Irish talent. You can really feel there’s this new wave or generation coming along.”

Laoise has just released her song Movies from upcoming EP Healthy, inspired by having therapy following a tough battle with bulimia when she was younger.

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