Ricky forgives Sam in emotional EastEnders scenes as she leaves Walford

Ricky forgives Sam in emotional EastEnders scenes as she leaves Walford

April 15, 2023

Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) made up with his mum, Sam (Kim Medcalf) in Thursday’s (April 13) edition of EastEnders, moments before she departed Walford for a new job in Spain.

Ricky and Sam have never had the strongest relationship and as he’s grown up, she’s often made it clear that looking after him isn’t her number one priority, even admitting recently that she would rather be sunning herself on a yacht than dealing with a moody teenager.

This week, after a phone call, we learnt that Sam had been offered a job managing a hotel in Spain.

Feeling torn, Sam chatted with Honey (Emma Barton) about her options. She ended up telling Sam to follow her heart, and that the money she earns from the job could be spent on Ricky and his baby.

In tonight’s episode, Sam was stunned when she walked into Walford East with Honey, discovering that her friends and family had thrown her a leaving party.

Sam was touched, but she couldn’t help but feel some sadness as Ricky hadn’t turned up.

This was because he was in the middle of a conversation with Amy (Ellie Dadd).

Ricky had overheard Amy crying and decided to see what was going on. They ended up speaking about Ricky’s difficult relationship with his mum, which prompted Amy to remind him how lucky he is to actually have a mum as hers (Roxy Mitchell) died in 2017.

This was enough for Ricky to change his mind about saying goodbye, so he rushed outside and hugged Sam, who was overcome with emotion.

Sam got in her taxi and departed and fortunately, with this only being a temporary exit, it won’t be long until we see her again.

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