RHONJ's Dolores Catania takes fans inside her boyfriend David Principe's New Jersey mansion featuring her own big closet

RHONJ's Dolores Catania takes fans inside her boyfriend David Principe's New Jersey mansion featuring her own big closet

March 30, 2021

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania took fans inside her boyfriend David Principe's New Jersey mansion featuring her own big closet.

One of the main storylines for this season has been that Dolores continuously visits and hosts events at David's home, but she doesn't live there with him despite it being meant to be their home.

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During this season of RHONJ, Dolores finally unveiled the home she decorated and was meant to be hers and David's.

However, because David refused to propose to her, she refused to move in with him and is now enjoying the freedom and independence she has from not living together.

In the last episode, the mom of two hosted her fellow housewives to celebrate her achievements as she had recently accepted the Ambassador of Hope Award for her spreading awareness of women needing to get mammograms.

The home features a black double door at the entrance, which gives way into the foyer.

The area is decorated with a stunning black chandelier and dark wooden floors.

To the left of the foyer is David's home office, which, according to Dolores, was the only thing he was allowed to decorate.

The room came together with a granite and wood fireplace with a flat-screen TV on top.

The wall were decorated with books, knick knacks, and plenty of pictures. In fact, the bookshelf was a secret door into a bathroom.

The doctor also had a massive desk in the middle of the room and a comfy chair for when he gets to work from home.

The room was complete with a checkered rug and a collection of baseballs.

Going upstairs, the second floor opens up to a second living room space with white furniture, a second flat-screen TV, and a stone fireplace.

The room was decorated simply with white walls, a few plants, and another black chandelier.

There was also a pair of double doors which gave way into a balcony.

This living room space was the entrance room to David's bedroom.

The master bedroom was, again, decorated elegantly with light green walls, light wood furniture, several accent mirrors, and yet another fireplace and flat-screen TV.

The master bedroom featured two walk-in closets: one for David and one for Dolores.

Dolores' closet specifically contained at least 30 pairs of shoes, a makeup vanity, and her "red carpet outfits," which spanned over several walls.

The housewife told Bravo cameras that her everyday clothes are back at her home, which she still shares with her ex-husband Frank, and she typically just gets dressed over there before coming over.

She also revealed that she only sleeps over at David's once a month.

During the first episodes of this season, Dolores and David butted heads because she had failed to let him know that she was getting plastic surgery done until the night before she was set to go to the hospital.

The star admitted to getting liposuction and a tummy tuck after losing weight amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

In the video, Dolores and David were talking about how the RHONJ husbands had asked about him when he missed a group dinner when he suddenly threw it in her face that she had made some choices he wasn't supportive of.

He tells her: "When's your next surgery? Because you didn't tell me about this one."

Dolores then told producers in a confessional interview: "Things are a little dicey between me and David because I got a tummy tuck, a liposuction, a butt lift a little bit.

"And I didn't tell him until the night before I was leaving because David is not for elective surgery."

The housewife, who clearly had enough of his reproaches however.

She said: "You know, David, sometimes you're off the charts because you go on and on about my plastic surgery."

He quickly told her that he was worried she would have a complication.

"You know what, David? What's really good about our relationship is that I have the freedom to do whatever I want," she retorted.

"And I don't demand the commitment that I thought I needed. You shouldn't act like that, David."

When Dolores brought up him not proposing to her, he stood up from the table and told her, "we're done," before walking away from her.

One of the main issues that Dolores and David have had is his lack of commitment to her.

He has refused to accompany her on cast events or propose to her, which put a halt on their plans to move in together during the last season of RHONJ.

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