'RHONJ' Tea: Teresa Celebrates Fitness Competition Win with Explosive Trip to Cabo

'RHONJ' Tea: Teresa Celebrates Fitness Competition Win with Explosive Trip to Cabo

January 24, 2019

Please do not underestimate us when we say Jennifer Aydin absolutely loses it.

We are still picking our mouths up off the floor after Wednesday’s explosive episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

Before the drama, however, big congratulations are in order for our girl, Teresa Giudice, for winning her bikini fitness competition! She looked unbelievable and worked her ass off to get there, so kudos! Eating like a rabbit for months actually paid off.

To celebrate, she invited her co-stars on a trip to Cabo, where the tequila really started flowing. During their first dinner, Margaret Josephs presented Teresa with a necklace that everyone (minus Danielle Staub) pitched in to buy her. It was a gold plate that said "strong" in diamonds and it cost about $2,000.

Teresa was touched, but Jennifer Aydin seemed confused. She was under the impression the girls were buying Teresa "costume jewelry" and not real jewelry, which struck a nerve because her brother is a jeweler.

"Did you guys know my brother’s a jeweler?" Jennifer asked. "Like, we could’ve went to my brother, and he could’ve made it for us. He probably would’ve done it for a fraction of the cost."

Most of the ladies said they didn’t know Jennifer’s brother was a jeweler, with Margaret adding that his store was all the way over on Long Island.

As the ladies passed the necklace around, Jennifer took a sip of her tequila on the rocks and said to herself, "It would’ve came out better if my brother did it."

"Jennifer, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about because I called you and told you, and you were like, ‘Fine,’" Margaret said. "I think the cocktails are getting to your brain."

Jennifer reiterated she had no idea the ladies were planning on buying real jewelry, and this is the (VERY LOUD) conversation that followed:

Jennifer: "Why would I f–king pay for something from a jeweler that’s not my brother?! And you know what? It’s f–king ugly. Sorry, Teresa."

Margaret: "What?! Wait a minute, that’s actually bad manners."

Jennifer: "Then I have bad manners. I own it." (takes another sip of her tequila)

Margaret: "Cocktail queen, relax. Okay?"

Jennifer: "Cocktail queen? Yes. Take f–king notes, okay? I’m the cocktail queen. I like to have a good time. We’re in f–king Mexico. Hello?!"

Margaret: "Seriously, something is wrong with her."

Jennifer: "Baby, I am on point like nobody’s business." (takes another sip of her tequila)

Margaret: "Really? So is your f–king lip liner. Why don’t you fix it?"

Jennifer: "Jealous much?! Bitch?!" (throws air kisses at Margaret)

Margaret: "Looks like a monkey’s assh—!"


As you can imagine, the look on everyone’s faces were frame-worthy. Danielle — Margaret’s nemesis — wound up escorting Jennifer away to help her collect herself. The two then bonded over talking crap about Margaret.

Next week, Margaret throws wine in Danielle’s face, and we can hardly wait.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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