RHOA’s Kenya Moore calls Nene Leakes a ‘bully with no friends’ at Kandi Burruss’ baby shower before getting kicked out – The Sun

RHOA’s Kenya Moore calls Nene Leakes a ‘bully with no friends’ at Kandi Burruss’ baby shower before getting kicked out – The Sun

January 30, 2022

REAL Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore called Nene Leakes 'a bully with no friends' during Kandi Burruss' Hollywood-themed baby shower.

The mother of one admitted that she had talked to a blog and had made the accusations after Nene tried to spit on her during their trip to Greece.

Things are definitely going to escalate – for the third time – between the two housewives during the RHOA season finale when Marlo Hampton confronts Kenya about an article where she called the 52-year-old housewife a "bully with no friends".

In the clip, Marlo pushed her phone towards Kenya and said: "Read that to me. It's a Google alert, what does it say?"

Kenya, standing at the other side of the table, says: "Yeah, it says 'Kenya Moore: 'Nene Leakes is a bully with no friends'. Let the shade-throwing begin.

When Marlo asked her if it was fake, Kenya immediately told her: "You know it's not fake. You've seen it."

Marlo quickly intercepted for her friend and said: "So you think Nene is a bully?"

The hair care mogul told her: "Always been, always will be. Nene tried to spit on me."

Nene immediately jumped up and started to verbally fight with Kenya as the other housewives – and the other guests at the party – watched.

She told her: "If I wanted to spit on you, you would know you have been spit on."

Kenya rolled her eyes at her and called her "miss classy."

Cynthia Bailey immediately cut them off in attempts to keep the peace, and told Nene: "I saw you throwing popcorn but I did not see you spitting."

That's when Kandi had had enough of the fighting housewives and quickly interrupted them.

She told them: "I get this but everybody is leaving and I never got to introduce my surrogate and this is taken over."

The mother-to-be then told producers: "I'm sick of them. It's like 'do you not get this is an important moment for me?'"

Their fight escalated to the point where Todd Tucker, Kandi's husband, called security on them.

He said over a microphone: "Security, please. Security."

Even Kandi was overheard saying: "They're trying to, like, f**k my s**t up."

This isn't the first time that the housewives have almost gotten physical this season.

Their first altercation happened in Canada when they were trying to find out who had recorded Cynthia Bailey talking about Nene behind her back.

Kenya had tried to stick up for her friend – which caused Nene to lunge at the 49-year-old in anger.

The 51-year-old left the next day.



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Nene Leakes started to throw food at Kenya Moore during their Greece tripCredit: Bravo
She threatened to spit on herCredit: Bravo

The two also almost duked it out during the trip to Greece when Nene – who later admitted she had had too much to drink – tried to spit on Kenya.

The attack first started with Nene calling her names and throwing food at her before escalating into a spitting contest.

She even yelled at her: "I'll spit in your motherf****ng face."

Even after Nene has tried to mend her relationship with Kenya, the hair care mogul hasn't been able to let go of Nene's comment when she called her "a buffalo."

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