‘Report Madeley to Ofcom!’ GMB host blasted for ‘bullying’ Labour MP in ‘worst interview’

‘Report Madeley to Ofcom!’ GMB host blasted for ‘bullying’ Labour MP in ‘worst interview’

June 1, 2022

Richard Madeley calls out Labour MP for not answering question

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Speaking to the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland via video link, Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley grilled the MP on whether he has been trained to not answer questions in media interviews. Things took a heated turn when Mr Murray hit back at the ITV host and accused Madeley of “interrupting” him.

Madeley began: “The question is really simple and it’s polite. Who do you think might be the runners and riders to take over from Sir Keir Starmer?

“If you don’t want to answer the question, tell me about we’ll move on.”

The MP replied: “It’s something we’re not considering at the moment for the simple reason that we think that the acquisitions that have been put to Keir Starmer in terms of beergate are false and he was abiding by the rules. It’s something we’re not considering.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Madeley continued. “And I would ask this of any party spokesman when they come on to this programme.

“Do you get some guidance and briefing from advisers on how not to answer questions because it’s so common now?

“I get it all the time when I’m out at the shops. People come up to me and say they never answered the question, do they?

“Do you get special training in not doing it?”

“I attempted to answer the question when you interrupted me,” the MP hit back.

“And I think I’ve answered the question already and, we don’t get training to answer questions.”

Following the interview, angry viewers took to social media to slam the host with many accusing Madeley of “bullying” the MP, while others claimed it was a “terrible” interview.

User @AEO59152543 raged: “Report #GMB and @richardm56 to @Ofcom for the worst interview I’ve ever seen, pure bullying and unnecessary by an absolute amateur Journo called Richard Madeley.” (sic)

However, Sonia stepped in to defend the host by tweeting: “Richard asking all the questions we are all thinking!! #gmb.”

More to follow…

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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