Pregnant Dani Dyer branded a 'terrible mum' by cruel trolls and 'sobbed her heart out'

Pregnant Dani Dyer branded a 'terrible mum' by cruel trolls and 'sobbed her heart out'

November 13, 2020

DANI Dyer is having a rough week, this time sobbing over trolls calling her a "terrible mum".

Dani admitted the trolls' comments made her "sob her heart out" and she found it all “really hurtful”.

She told her EastEnders actor dad Danny Dyer about the stressful experience on their podcast, Sorted with the Dyers.

Dani made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments section underneath an advert she'd done for an insurance company.

“They were saying I was going to be a terrible mother," Dani told her dad.

“They were calling me vulgar, saying ‘she doesn’t deserve happiness’. Why don’t I?

“I wanted to sob my heart out. It hurts.

“What have I done to deserve those comments? I’m just talking about life insurance!”

Her actor dad was quick to comfort his daughter, explaining the haters were “jealous and bitter”.

“You’re doing well for yourself, you’re a beautiful girl, you’ve got a wonderful career,” Danny, 43, said, before adding, “We have to accept that if we’re going to put our life out there, we’re not into mind control – we cannot make everybody like us.

“This faceless human being has no prospects. This is someone looking up to you saying: ‘How dare you have what I want.’”

“This person doesn’t know you – how can they comment about you being a s*** mum? They haven’t got a clue.”

He added: “How much to we allow ourselves to give a f*** about what that human being thinks of us?

“This human being sitting in some bedroom in Kidderminster, let’s not give them the power to control our emotions.”

Dani's awful run-in with her trolls come as she worries about her boyfriend and baby daddy, Sammy Kimmence, potentially facing jail time.

She's “terrified" afinding out her boyfriend will stand trial for allegedly conning two elderly men just weeks after she gives birth.

Dani split from stockbroker Sammy in March after he was accused of scamming the men out of £34,000 by posing as a financial investor, but they rekindled their relationship and in July she announced she was expecting.

But we can reveal that the couple recently discovered that the 24-year-old will stand trial at Portsmouth Crown Court in April – just weeks after their baby is due.

A source close to the family told The Sun Online: “Dani is upset, worried, terrified. Without a court date they kind of pushed this all to the back of their minds – now it is very real.

“She’s expecting a child with a bloke who could go to prison. Her baby is due at the end of January and then Sammy will up in court a few weeks later.

“Those first few weeks of having a newborn baby are so special but it will also be the countdown to his trial.”

The Sun Online has contacted Dani's representative for comment.

Sammy was originally due to stand trial in June after pleading not guilty to the charges but the case was postponed because of Covid.

Sammy is accused of conning two victims – aged 90 and 80 – who were clients at a legitimate investment company where he previously worked.

He allegedly took the clients on when the business stopped operating, falsely claiming he was authorised to provide financial services.

Dani shot to fame after singing up to take part in ITV2 dating show Love Island in 2018.

She’d dated Sammy for a year before they split and after entering the villa she branded him a “liar” and a “cheat”.

She went on to win the series with pen salesman Jack Fincham, 27, after the loveable pair won the hearts of the nation.

Jack announced their split in April 2019.

Later the same month Dani was pictured back in the arms of Sammy.

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