‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank’s Cause Of Death Revealed

‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank’s Cause Of Death Revealed

December 1, 2022

Tammie Frank, the widow of actor and mixed martial arts star Jason David Frank, has revealed he died by suicide. Frank’s death was confirmed on November 20. At the time, no cause of death was provided, however reports indicated suicide.

In an interview with People published Wednesday, Tammie Frank sought to set the record straight. “While Jason was a well-known name to some, we lived a very normal life with ups and downs, just like anyone else. It has shocked and saddened me beyond belief to see that the media has turned my family’s tragedy into a tall tale. Since Jason’s death, I have been harassed online and can no longer stand to watch my husband’s good name slandered.”

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Frank was known for his portrayal of Tommy Oliver (aka the Green Ranger) from the original 1990s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show. He then became the White Ranger, playing the character in both television and film adaptations of the popular franchise.

Tammie told People there had been incorrect assumptions about the couple’s relationship. ”We initially planned to separate; that part is true. However, that is only part of the story. The part that hasn’t been told is that at the time of his passing, we had called off our separation and were in the process of reuniting.”

The pair had been on a “weekend getaway” at a country dancing event and upon returning to their hotel, Tammie Frank explained, “To help Jason relax and sober up before turning down to sleep, I went downstairs to get us snacks from the lobby. I must’ve been gone no more than 10 minutes. I went back upstairs and began knocking on the door to no answer. I knocked repeatedly and kept calling for his name to open the door.”

She told People, ”I don’t know if the hotel staff or a guest called the police, but after I was taken downstairs by the police, they were able to open the door and found that Jason took his life. These were the ‘disturbances’ that has been brought up numerous times online.”

She continued, “I loved my husband, and we were trying to work through our problems. His death comes as much a shock to me as anyone else. The truth is, I had no idea that Jason was thinking of ending things. Yes, he had struggled with mental health issues and depression before, but I could never predict what would happen that night.”

In summary, Tammie Frank asked for people to “stop making assumptions and leave my family to grieve peacefully.”

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