Pointless: Alexander Armstrong film revelation stuns Richard Osman ‘So weird’

Pointless: Alexander Armstrong film revelation stuns Richard Osman ‘So weird’

June 21, 2019 By mediabest

Pointless presenters Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman returned this evening as a group of players battled it out for a chance to win the jackpot prize. 

However during the penultimate round Alexander let slip a surprise connection he had to the lowest scoring answer for a question on Winston Churchill. 

The contestants were shown five pictures of actors who played the British Prime Minister in various films and were asked to try and name the lowest scoring one. 

One pair of players identified Timothy Spall and the other two won the round by naming Christian Slater who played Winston Churchill in the parody film Churchill: The Hollywood Years. 

Commenting on the winning answer, Alexander began: “Do you know who was actually in that film and got cut out in the edit?” 

Taken-aback, Richard asked: “Was it you? What were you playing?” before a sheepish Alexander joked: “I can’t remember…” 

He then confessed: “I played a naval captain,” and a visibly impressed Richard asked: “Really, did you work with Christian Slater?” 

“I did, we had some very enjoyable days,” Alexander revealed. “We filmed on the Isle of Man. 

“But it was such a central part of the story somehow I’m amazed they managed to tell the story without me in it.” 

Agreeing, Richard added: “So weird!” before he continued explaining the rest of the answers. 

Earlier in the week Pointless viewers were distracted by a couple of players who won the huge £9,000 jackpot prize. 

Friends Dee and Mel impressed Alexander and Richard with several low-scoring answers throughout the show, which secured their place in the final. 

In the final round the pair didn’t get the category they were looking for but still managed to comfortably come up with three answers. 

Both their first and second answers scored incredibly low but not low enough to win the jackpot prize. 

Luckily their third answer was pointless and the two presenters were thrilled to see the pair win. 

Alexander said: “Congratulations, if ever there was a time to find a pointless answer, it’s now.”  

However viewers at home were less than impressed with the couple’s unusual way of celebrating their low scores. 

Each time either of them scored low the pair fist bumped one another. 

One fan remarked: “Fist pumping is so sad! #Pointless,” and another tweeted: “Hope these two lose just for the s****y fist bumps #pointless.”  

A third wrote: “Stop doing the boom fist pump!!! #pointless.” 

Pointless airs weekdays at 5pm on BBC One.  

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