Piers Morgan shouts down feminist over Christmas song lyrics in brutal row

Piers Morgan shouts down feminist over Christmas song lyrics in brutal row

December 5, 2018

Piers Morgan made his feelings about banned Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside very well known when he raged at a feminist who took issue with the lyrics.

On Good Morning Britain, the presenter debated the lyrics of the song with journalist Daisy Buchanan, as they talked about the sexist issues with the classic Christmas song, but things got heated when he told her to "shut up."

Piers wanted to understand why the song was such an affront to women and described what Daisy called "sexual assault in process," asking her to clarify her position.

He quizzed her: "Daisy you’re saying it’s a sexual assault in process and want it to be banned forever?"

Daisy replied: "I want radio station to stop playing this song until the world had changed, like a real drop in sexual assault statistics."

He shook his head and played a clip from the film where the song was performed, which shows two characters singing.

Piers quickly sniped: "Yeah that really looked like a sexual assault to me, Daisy. It was romantic and they’re just flirting."

"He’s invading her space," Daisy responded. "He’s coming up next to her."

Piers then told her to "shut up," before continuing in an angrier way: "How can you believe this Daisy?"

But Daisy furiously replied: "How can you as men tell me what women are and aren’t enjoing? How do you know?"

"Who are you to tell ever other woman that that’s not harmless?" Piers replied, but Daisy was ready with another rebuttal.

She said: "My husband is very romantic, one of the things I love about my husband is he respects me.

"He never ever puts pressure on me to do anything I don’t want to do."

But Piers was not letting things go, saying: "When was that man disrespecting that woman?"

When Daisy replied to suggest he was closing the curtains as she was looking out the window, as an example of the disrespect, Piers yelled: "Oh, please!"

The debate comes after a US radio station banned the song for its lyrics.

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