Piers Morgan brands Love Island stars 'brain-dead' after hilarious impression of Ched chatting up Jess

Piers Morgan brands Love Island stars 'brain-dead' after hilarious impression of Ched chatting up Jess

February 5, 2020

PIERS Morgan mocked Love Island's "brain dead" Ched Uzor after he attempted to chat up Jess Gale.

The Good Morning Britain host claimed the Islanders "speak this completely idiotic language" and left viewers in stitches with a scathing impression of the 25-year-old trying to woo Jess.

Jess, 20, caught the eye of newbie Ched this week, but last night he couldn't get his words out when she asked: "What was your first inmpression of me?"

Nervous Ched ended up saying: "You're blonde and like, you know like, I mean, like you're pretty and blonde like."

Nodding her head, Jess responded: "Well observed."

Demonstrating the moment in front of GMB fans today, Piers bumbled: "Like, like like like, blonde, like, like."

He explained: "This is Ched revealing his undying love to Jess in the only language she can understand."

Later, he added: "Even though they are brain dead zombies, I respect them. Some of my best friends are zombies."

People at home found it hilarious just after 6.30am, as one said: "Say what you like about @piersmorgan but the man’s making me laugh out loud this morning #likelikelikelike."

One said: "GMB got to Piers is funny this morning, you know what I mean like like Mmm"

Jess joined Love Island with her twin sister Eve, who was booted out of the villa in the first week.

Since leaving, Eve told fans Jess has received death threats, after she kissed Mike Boetang and dumped Luke M.

Eve, 20, revealed her sister had been called a "sly, ugly, fat c***" and told to "go die in a fire", adding that she'd received hundreds of similarly disturbing messages.

She shared on her Instagram story on Sunday night: "Although someone can appear to have themselves together you don't know what they are going through behind closed doors.

"Abuse like this can destroy a person. THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE.

"And these are the same people who would post about mental health and write RIP posts if anyone in the limelight was to commit suicide.

"Honestly it's disgusting. My sister has been sent 100s of death threats and abuse and it actually makes me sick. why are people so damn weird and nasty."

She continued: "Never in my life have I understood what brings anyone to actually take the time to send death threats and abuse before you write messages like this take a look at yourself and ask why you are really doing it and the intentions behind it.

"Because although people might appear strong and confident you don't know what damage it can do."

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