Phillip Schofield says he ‘nearly resigned’ from This Morning after blunder

Phillip Schofield says he ‘nearly resigned’ from This Morning after blunder

November 18, 2020

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield joked he "nearly resigned" from the show in a behind the scenes video on Tuesday.

He and Holly Willoughby giggled about Phillip's near slip-up, as he almost swore live on air with a slip of the tongue whilst presenting.

Phillip had been talking about the show being infested by flies, leading to him saying "clusterf…" before managing to save himself and quickly say: "clusterflies".

Speaking on the sofa in a behind the scenes clip, he said: "I just nearly made a fool of myself on television," as he panned the camera to show the crew on set.

He said: "They are all here, full support from the crew, when you say the word cluster, and it should be cluster flies, but you nearly follow it with something else… Nearly."

A cameraman called out: "Nearly."

Phillip replied: "Everyone thought it."

He then zoomed in on Holly, who was struggling to hold back her laughter about the slip-up/

She said: "So close, one of your closest yet.

"Don’t say cluster followed by something beginning with F!"

Phillip responded: "Nearly resigned."

This came just a day before Holly was mysteriously replaced on the show by Alison Hammond in a last minute shake-up.

Fans were left concerned as Alison Hammond and Phillip appeared on the Wednesday edition of the show, instead of the usual Holly and Phil combo.

  • Phillip Schofield left red-faced as he nearly lets slip f-bomb on This Morning

Alison simply told viewers that she was stepping in to let Holly "have a well-deserved day off".

However, viewers rushed to social media to worry about Holly, as they asked where she was and hoped she wa okay.

One viewer wrote: "Oh no where's Holly?"

Another added: "This Morning Where's Holly".

A third chipped in: "What a shame that Holly Willoughby is going to miss it, she loves Christmas! Hope she's ok."

It is yet to be confirmed if Holly will be back tomorrow.

This Morning continues tomorrow at 10am on ITV.

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