Phil discovers that Stacey tried to kill him in EastEnders?

Phil discovers that Stacey tried to kill him in EastEnders?

August 16, 2019 By mediabest

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was left for dead in EastEnders a couple of weeks back when Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) bludgeoned him over the head with a spanner, but — with him due out of hospital in the coming episodes — will the Mitchell hard man uncover the truth about who it was that struck the devastating blow that nearly killed him?

Following his release from hospital, Phil is on a mission to find out who attacked him — and his first port of call is son, Ben (Max Bowden), who’s taken it upon himself to throw his dad a surprise party to welcome him home. Phil not fooled by Ben’s efforts and with him having overheard some of the argument the young man had with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) in a previous episode, he enquires what it was that the two lads were quarrelling about.

Ben is taken aback by Phil’s knowledge of his clash with Jay and, as a result, he denies that any such argument took place. However, the Mitchell hard-man isn’t convinced that Ben is telling the truth, so he heads round to Jay’s to quiz him on the matter. What will Jay have to say for himself?

Afterwards, Shirley (Linda Henry) pays Phil a visit at the Arches, and he reveals to her that he’s remembered something and —later — Kat (Jessie Wallace) is perturbed when she returns home to find Phil waiting for her in the kitchen. Will Kat divulge the truth? What will transpire?

Later in the week, Phil continues to search for answers about what happened on the night in question and, as he does so, he grows closer to the truth. As a result, those involved in the attack begin to fear the worst.

Before long, Ben and Kat find themselves being confronted by Phil — but will he get the answers he’s so desperately craving? Will he learn about Stacey’s involvement in the incident?

Will Ben and Kat spill the beans about what happened? Or will they be able to cover their tracks once more?

One to watch: Tuesday 20th August at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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