Peter Kay falls victim to cruel death hoax as #RIPPETERKAY trends on Twitter – The Sun

Peter Kay falls victim to cruel death hoax as #RIPPETERKAY trends on Twitter – The Sun

November 8, 2019 By mediabest

PETER Kay has been the victim of another cruel death hoax – with the words "RIP Peter Kay" trending on Twitter.

The 46-year-old comedian found himself at the centre of similar rumours last year, with football legend Peter Reid among those who shared the news in error.

Today's tasteless prank left fans fuming, with one tweeting: "Saw Peter Kay was trending and thought the man had died. RIP jokes about people are just wrong and cruel."


A third hit out at the number of times the hoax had spread, writing: "Again? That’s the 3rd time this year #RIPPETERKAY."

One other raged: "SICKO IDIOTS. Peter Kay is not dead. YOU ARE JUST NASTY PIECES OF C**P TO POST SUCH LIES."

Another insisted: "Think of the man’s family and friends as well. #rippeterkay."

Car Share star Peter has taken a long break from the spotlight recently, after cancelling his tour at the end of 2017 over "unforeseen family circumstances".

However, he returned – albeit briefly – to promote screenings of his hit series Phoenix Nights in aid of Cancer Research.

The Blackpool outing was the first time he had been seen in public for a year and Peter looked relaxed as he toured the seaside town.

Despite being out of the public eye, Peter's fortune increased to £32million last year, The Sun Online revealed last month.

According to his latest published accounts, the comedian has been raking in the cash even though he traded showbiz for time with his family last year.

The accounts show his fortune has grown in cash and investments, spread through his companies.

His Goodnight Vienna Productions business is now worth a massive £23.7million, a huge jump from £19.8million in 2017.

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