Penn Badgley Tells 'You' Fans Not to Crush on Joe Goldberg

Penn Badgley Tells 'You' Fans Not to Crush on Joe Goldberg

January 14, 2019

Anyone that has already binge-watched You likely has some very complicated feelings about the show’s protagonist—Joe Goldberg—played by Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley. And, if you haven’t watched the show yet, then beware, because there are most definitely spoilers ahead.

While, yes, Joe is exceedingly charismatic, continually compares himself to romantic comedy characters, and will stop at nothing to keep love interest Beck safe, husband material, he is not. Obviously, the problem arises from the fact that Joe Goldberg looks exactly like Dan Humphrey, who in turn looks exactly like Penn Badgley. Basically, he’s a snack:

Something about the combination of this man’s chiseled jawline, his just-woke-up-but-looks-perfect bed hair, skulking on the streets of New York, is irresistible to viewers everywhere. And regardless of how many murders he may or may not commit, fans are unwittingly crushing on bookstore manager Joe Goldberg, whose many, many flaws have only been partially unearthed in Season 1.

And if there’s one thing that Badgley hopes you’ll take away from Season 1 of You, it’s not the fact that you’re still, all of these years after Gossip Girl has ended, just as besotted with him as Serena van der Woodsen was, and will always be. In fact, he just wants you to stop:

But, rest assured, as You is coming back for a second season, and Badgley is intent on making viewers realize that his character is not at all a romantic prospect, and should never, ever be viewed as such:

You’ve been warned!

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