‘Patronising!’ Dickie Arbiter hits back at claims Queen should retire from public duties

‘Patronising!’ Dickie Arbiter hits back at claims Queen should retire from public duties

October 22, 2021

Queen: Arbiter slams ‘patronising’ retirement suggestions

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The longest-serving monarch was advised by doctors to “rest for the next few days”, so was forced to miss the trip. Good Morning Britain presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid discussed this with journalist and Royal Family commentator Dickie Artbiter, who labelled calls for the Queen to retire from public duties as “patronising”.

 “The Queen will do what the Queen wants to do,” commented Richard.

“And she’s made her feelings crystal clear earlier this week when she was given the dubious honour of being “oldie of the year” and basically said ‘naff off’.

“So she’s made her feelings about this crystal, hasn’t she?”

“She’s made her feelings very crystal,” agreed Dickie. “What everybody’s forgetting about, you mentioned her 21st birthday speech in which she dedicated herself for the whole of her life, but you forget about the coronation and she was anointed in the eyes of God. She took the coronation so she does the job for life.”

The 81-year-old continued: “Anybody who decides to tell the Queen ‘You’ve got to step back, you can’t rule anymore’ is really fighting with fire.

“We’ve got to look at what’s happened in the past month – she had a very strenuous reception at Windsor Castle a few nights ago, and that probably took its toll, which is probably the reason why they cancelled going to Northern Ireland.

“It’s a lot to ask of anybody of any age to do, she’s travelled more than 1,000 miles and I think everything’s just come together in engagements.

“The officials at Buckingham Palace will be looking very carefully to pace the engagements.”

“Charles and Camilla are doing more already, but there’s only so much they can do.”

Susanna commented: “So there won’t be an official pulling back, but there will be a different pace – it’s effectively the same thing, isn’t it?”

The journalist replied people forget the Queen has a “workload” every day.

“She will ask her officials to pace her engagements more, she can’t expect everything, like she used to,” he explained.

The radio star added: “To suggest that she should step back, retire, is quite patronising.”

“I agree with that,” Richard responded. “It is somewhat patronising.”

Susanna revealed a Twitter poll by Good Morning Britain saw 84 percent of voters agreeing the Queen should retire.

“I think that’s because everybody wants to protect the Queen,” the presenter said.

“We don’t want her doing events which are going to leave her unable to do other things.”

Richard argued: “But I think we have to trust her to protect herself.

“She has been doing it a long time I think she knows what it’s about.”

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