Outlander theories: Were Claire’s parents time travellers as well?

Outlander theories: Were Claire’s parents time travellers as well?

May 19, 2020

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Outlander viewers have always been fascinated by how time travel works in the hit television and book series. However, a new theory has suggested Claire Fraser’s (played by Caitriona Balfe) parents may have also been able to travel through the stones, just like her. Here’s everything you need to know about this and what happened to them.

Were Claire Fraser’s parents time travellers in Outlander?

Early on in the series, viewers learn Claire’s parents died when she was very young, leaving her to be raised by her Uncle Lamb (Prentice Hancock).

Very little is known about her parents and what happened to them other than they died in a car crash.

However, as the series has continued on, more has been revealed about the genetic nature of time travel.

The confusing ability is seemingly passed from parents to children in the show and the books.


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This is evident by the fact Claire passed it on to her daughter Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) as well as her grandson Jemmy.

Given this, some fans have speculated if perhaps Claire’s own parents were time travellers themselves.

Some have wondered if this might have actually been what happened to them instead of a car crash.

Posting on Reddit fan jacqh6666 wrote: “My brain hurts wondering if time travel is genetic as is raised with Roger and Brianna where Claire inherited her ability?

“Did her parents perhaps not get killed in a car accident or just disappeared to another time?”

Another user agreed, convinced there must be more to their story as so little is known about them.

Baes04 wrote: “I think there will be more to Claire’s family story of time traveling. I’m still not sure I buy that her parents didn’t time travel.

“Maybe someone close to her was her pull to the 1700s. I think there has to be a reason we haven’t learned more of her past.

“Even just basic things. Or why did they die when she was so young? Why not just her mother? There’s more there, I think.”


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This could certainly be the case given there seems to be a number of people in the Outlander universe with the ability to travel through time.

If they did travel through time rather than dying, they could become part of the story at a later date.

Despite the plausibility of the theory, it seems author Diana Gabaldon does not plan to make this part of her story.

In a post on The Lit Forum she debunked the idea, writing: “Basically, it comes down to who talks to me, and who I personally find interesting.

“I don’t find Claire’s parents interesting at all (not that they couldn’t be; it’s that I don’t care enough to try to dig into them), so you probably won’t get a novella about them.


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“(I think people keep wanting one because they’re convinced that her parents were a) time-travellers (well, at least one of them had to be – unless they weren’t really her parents (but they were)), and b) knew that and c) were involved in some hair-raisingly dangerous adventure that involved them traveling through time, but (for no apparent reason) d) choosing to hide the fact by kidnapping a couple of strangers, assassinating them and setting their bodies on fire in the Beauchamp family car.)

“My personal impression is that they never knew they had the ability to time-travel, and were leading perfectly ordinary lives as a middle-class bank manager and a primary-school teacher who’d left teaching to raise her daughter.”

Viewers will just have to keep tuning in to future seasons of the show to see if more information about her parents is ever given.

Season five has recently finished airing on Starz and Amazon’s Prime Video but season six has already been commissioned and filming is anticipated to begin later in the year.

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

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